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Campuhan Waterfall or better known as Gitgit Twin Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which offers waterfall tourist attraction located in Git Git Village, Buleleng Regency with all its uniqueness and natural beauty. Is a adventure that is perfect for those of you who have a nature lover's soul, because the natural scenery offered here is incomparably beautiful. Named as the twin git git waterfall because this waterfall is uniquely has twin waterfalls. Many tourists flock here to see the uniqueness of this waterfall, no wonder many tourists come here, because the view of the waterfall is amazingly beautiful.

GitGit Village does have the most waterfall attractions among other villages on the island of Bali, while the waterfall tourist attraction include GitGit Waterfall, Colek Pamor Waterfall, Mekalangan Waterfall, Campuhan Waterfall (Gitgit Twin Waterfall), Multi Tier Gitgit Waterfall. Each waterfall has its own characteristics and uniqueness, with all its uniqueness is able to attract tourists to visit each waterfall tour. If you are a lover of waterfall tours, don't hesitate to visit waterfall tours in the village of Git Git, besides the distance between one waterfall and the waterfall is not that far, it can save time on the trip, in a day maybe you can visit 5 waterfall tourist attraction, all at once.

Bali Campuhan Waterfall | Gitgit Twin Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Campuhan waterfall or Gitgit Twin Waterfall has always been a popular natural waterfall tourist attraction. The word campuhan comes from Balinese which means mixture, in this case it means the meeting (mixing) of two rivers like the one in this Campuhan waterfall. Where this waterfall is often referred to as twin waterfalls by tourists. The meeting of these two water sources has spiritual value on the island of Bali as holy water. For this reason, this campuhan waterfall or twin waterfalls is also considered sacred and is also used for those who want to do body and spiritual cleansing in this place by bathing in this waterfall. You can try water to wash your face in this place to feel the sensation of twin waterfalls which are believed to have spiritual values.

As with access to distant waterfall attractions, because most of the waterfalls are located in remote areas, so is the Campuhan waterfall which is located in a remote area and to get there you have to go through a winding path along 400 meters and down the stairs to the bottom of the ravine around 300. meters, it takes a very fit stamina to get through this obstacle. While passing the path you can enjoy the natural beauty on the left and right of the path that displays many green trees, the sound of birds chirping makes the atmosphere beautiful and by breathing the fresh air it will make the trip less tiring, but it will make blood circulation smooth because of the air is fresh and pollution free.

Arriving at your location, you will be presented with a view of the Campuhan waterfall or twin waterfalls, while the height of this waterfall is around 20 meters with a fairly heavy flow of water from 2 different water streams into one and falling into the pool below. As for the pool below with a depth of about 10 meters, it is very dangerous if you try to swim here, because the flow of water that falls is quite heavy which makes the pool flow swift. Flanked by cliffs wrapped in green nuances of tropical plants, crystal clear water, fresh pollution-free air and a beautiful surrounding environment will complement the beauty of this mixed waterfall or twin waterfalls.

Another uniqueness of this waterfall is that during the rainy season, the two streams of water are different in color, one is brown because it is cloudy from rainwater and the other is clear from mountain springs. This uniqueness is due to the 2 streams of water from different sources that meet in one stream at the Campuhan waterfall or twin waterfalls. We recommend visiting in the dry season, where both streams have equally clear water. The tourist attraction of the Campuhan Buleleng waterfall is at the bottom of a cliff on a fairly narrow cliff, surrounded by lush trees, so it looks a bit dark, so if you want to see its beauty more clearly, you have to look closely.

This Campuhan waterfall looks very beautiful at the bottom of the valley with the surrounding cliffs, natural green tropical trees and fresh air that nourishes the body will make the atmosphere of this adventure fun. Around the Campuhan waterfall there are also several small stalls so you can order hot coffee or tea to fight the cold weather in the foggy Gitgit. Toilets are also available and can be said to be quite clean. We from Bali Tours are ready to take you to visit the Campuhan waterfall tour or by another name gitgit twin waterfall with a private car, experienced driver, fuel oil and very satisfying service.

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