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Mekalangan Waterfall or with other name Mekalongan Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest to visit waterfall tourist attraction in git git village called Mekalangan waterfall with all its natural beauty to complement your adventure desire in seeking true satisfaction. The island of Bali is always rich with natural tourist objects, in addition to beach objects on the island of Bali, there are also many waterfall attractions that you should visit, most waterfall tours are located in the highlands, as is the case with Mekalangan waterfall which are located in the highlands, to be precise in the village of git git, buleleng district. Where the village of Git Git is famous for its many waterfall attractions, one of which is the Mekalangan waterfall which is very popular with tourists.

Bali Mekalangan  Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Mekalangan Waterfall is located hidden in the forest, as for access to it via a winding path and up and down through the local community plantations and down the stairs to reach the location, it takes very good stamina to get there, because it is quite exhausting and very tiring. . For those of you who are lovers of waterfall and trekking tours, maybe this will not be a very significant obstacle, maybe even very fun for you, where being able to see the natural scenery around the trail by breathing the fresh mountain air will make blood circulation smooth and reduce stress on your mind.

A tiring trip will pay off after seeing a stretch of cliffs with a heavy flow of water in the middle will make you stunned from a distance. The sound of water falling into the pool of water seems to be singing melodiously which will make you accelerate your steps to get to the location immediately. Arriving at the location, you will be amazed by the beautiful natural works, where you can see the Mekalangan waterfall up close. The exoticism of the Mekalangan waterfalls is not so popular, so there are still few visitors, the calm and peaceful nuances of nature make your brain more relaxed, eliminating boredom from the routine. The expanse of trees that grow lush and shady around the waterfall adds to the beauty value of this Mekalangan waterfall.

The height of this Mekalangan waterfall is about 40 meters with a fairly heavy flow of water from mountain springs that are still natural and clear. Coupled with the fresh air in the mountains, it will make your fatigue on the trip disappear and your body will be refreshed. There is a water pool as a place for water to fall from above, very suitable for bathing and swimming, however, you need to be careful because the strong current will be a little dangerous. For those who don't like swimming, you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while taking selfies to capture instagramable places.

This Mekalangan waterfall is indeed very beautiful and fantastic with very clear water flow, especially in the dry season but during the rainy season, the color of the water is cloudy, this is due to the seepage of rain water coming from the forest mixed with mountain springs, because it is a channel of water. twin plunge on it. We from Bali Tours are always ready to take you to the Mekalangan waterfall with a very satisfying service and of course a very friendly price. Complete your vacation on the island of Bali by visiting this beautiful nature tour of the Mekalangan waterfall.

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