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Colek Pamor Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest that offers to visit a very beautiful waterfall tour with its own uniqueness, which is located in Git Git Village, Buleleng Regency. Git Git Village is famous for producing very beautiful waterfall tours, one of which is a very beautiful waterfall and is often visited by tourists, with very clear water coming from mountain springs and cliff views full of green tropical plants. the beauty of this waterfall tour. For those of you who love waterfall tours and are traveling outside the island of Bali, then you shouldn't miss this waterfall tour. The place is still very beautiful, because it is a natural area with a unique atmosphere like we are in the middle of a jungle.

Bali Colek Pamor Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

As with other waterfall attractions, which are located far in remote areas. Likewise with this colek pamor waterfall, which is located far away and to get there it takes a fit of stamina because you will go through a winding path that is 600 meters long and descends several steps. For those of you who like trekking, then this tour is perfect for you, besides trekking you can see the scenery on the left and right of the trail, which offers unspoiled natural scenery, lots of green trees and the sound of birds chirping, as if welcoming you to this place. It is an extraordinary sensation to wade through the beautiful unspoiled forest scenery, with fresh air that will make the trip less tiring.

Fatigue will pay off when you are close to the location, where you can see the view of the waterfall pamor from a distance, with solid rock cliffs and covered with green tropical plants, as if to add to the charisma of this waterfall. The sound of water falling from the waterfall to the pool can be heard up to your ears, as if calling you to step faster towards the location to see this incomparably beautiful natural wonder. A tiring journey will pay off when you see the flow of water falling down, fresh and cold air blowing around and the green scenery around the waterfall as if to complete the sensation given in this adventure.

The name Colek Pamor Waterfall is unique, which comes from the Balinese language where the word "Colek" means poke and the word "Pamor" means white whiting. Where Colek Pamor means former whiting. It is said that long ago, based on the story of the local community, where you see the pamor writing under the cave in this waterfall. So that the local people named this place with the name Colek Pamor Waterfall. The right and left sides of this waterfall are overgrown with various green trees that thrive to decorate the nature of this waterfall. The atmosphere at Colek Pamor waterfall is very calm, coupled with the cool air, it will make you feel at home for a long time here.

Colek Pamor Waterfall with a height of about 20 meters with a flow of water coming from the cave, where this cave is an underground waterway that carries water from the Buleleng River to the Git Git. With the flow of water that is quite heavy and fresh, it will add to your passion for trying the sensation of swimming in this very unique waterfall. Enjoy the cool water from the mountains that flows from underground, breathe the fresh highland air that is still natural and will make your body refreshed and improve blood circulation. The fall of the water into the pool below is very beautiful, attracting anyone who sees it to immediately soak or swim in the cold water. The volume of water that comes out of the cave is very large and the water is also very clear with the depth of the pool below reaching 2 meters.

The Colek Pamor waterfall is located at the bottom of a valley filled with tropical trees and shrubs, the high cliffs are green, hidden and rarely visited, so the atmosphere is quite quiet. We from Bali Tours offer you transportation services to visit this colek pamor waterfalls attraction, with a private car, an experienced English speaking driver and fuel oil. Of course, at a relatively cheap price and without leaving satisfying service. Complete your vacation on the island of Bali by visiting the natural tourist attraction of this colek pamor waterfall with all its uniqueness and natural beauty that will make you want to come back here again.

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