Multi Tier Gitgit Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Multi Tier Gitgit Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which offers to visit multi-tier waterfall attractions located in the village of Gitgit. It is a very impressive sensation to see the uniqueness of the waterfall in this place. Gitgit village is indeed famous as a gathering place for very beautiful waterfall attractions, with a location on a plateau with fresh air making this place often visited by tourists for recreation. For those of you who really like waterfall attractions, don't forget to visit Gitgit Village to see the multilevel waterfall which we will discuss. Natural attractions always make visitors get a very meaningful impression, we hope that so will you when visiting the multi-tier waterfall attraction at Gitgit.

Multi Tier Gitgit Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

The location of this multi tier gitgit waterfall is in remote areas, like most other waterfalls. To reach the location we have to go through a winding path and down the stairs. This trip is very tiring, but it will not be an obstacle for those of you who like trekking tours. While passing the path, you can enjoy the natural beauty around you, see the many trees that thrive on the left and right of the path, the sound of birds chirping in the forest will welcome you to explore this multi-tiered waterfall. Indeed, very good stamina is needed if you visit waterfall tours, because of the far access, but the results will be comparable to what you will get when you reach the location. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with asthma and heart disease, because it is very dangerous.

So close to the location you will see a very beautiful natural scenery, where seeing the multilevel flow of water through the rock with a very clear water flow and very fresh air will add a deep impression to your heart. The sound of water falling on a waterfall will make you want to speed up your steps to see. Arriving at the location, you will be amazed by what you see, it's really very beautiful to see a multi tier waterfall, it is very worth the tiring journey and finally seeing the phenomenal natural wonders. With shades of green filled with lush trees, it will complement the beauty of this multi tier waterfall. At first, the existence of the terraced waterfall was still empty of visitors, but now many tourists have visited this natural recreation area.

As the name implies, Multi Tier Gitgit Waterfall, there are 3 tiers of waterfalls, each of which forms a natural pool underneath. Where there are 3 tiers of waterfalls that are very beautiful to the eye, with a fairly heavy water discharge making this multi-tiered waterfall tour even more beautiful to see. The water source of this waterfall comes from clear and fresh mountain springs. This water flow is quite stable, even in the dry season the water flow has not changed either. The natural view of a terraced waterfall with a bandage of green around it makes you feel at home for a long time, feeling the sensation of spectacular natural beauty. Visitors can get to the top level of the waterfall easily, but they need to be careful because the wet rocks are sometimes quite slippery. If you like taking pictures, then you must take this multi-tiered view as a memory that you have visited this place.

The entire multi-tier gitgit waterfall is quite high, with a green natural bandage that will display a very amazing view, besides that the air here is very fresh and can nourish your body. Currently this waterfall tourist attraction in Bali is a favorite destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign travelers who like a fun place for a vacation. This multi tier waterfall is very suitable as a recreational tour with friends or family. We from Bali Tours are always ready to take you to this multi tier waterfall by using a private car, an experienced driver and fuel oil. Of course, at an affordable price and very satisfying service. For those of you who love waterfall tours, you shouldn't miss this multi-tiered waterfall attraction, because the scenery offered is so beautiful.

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