Sang Hyang Ambu Gate is or with name Gate of Moksha and name Gumang Gate is located on Sang Hyang Ambu Hill with stunning views around it, where you can see amazing views of the hills, ocean and mountains. This is Gumang Gate location is at Sang Hyang Ambu Hill and most people called it by name Sang Hyang Ambu Gate and function for entrance to Gumang Temple that located in Gumang Hill. It is suitable for those of you who really like the natural scenery that is so enchanting and is perfect as a place to see the sunrise, with a faint light when the sun appears it will make the scenery even more beautiful. You will be very comfortable to linger here by looking at the very enchanting scenery, besides the beautiful scenery, here on Gumang Hill is also inhabited by a tame monkeys. Tourist attractions have just boomed because the scenery produced here is very instagrammable, for those of you who happen to be heading to the east of the island of Bali, you can stop here and visit Pura Gumang to see the beauty of this scenery

All you need to know Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

The Gate of Moksha

The other name given to this gate is The Gate of Moksa, the name was taken because this gate was built for the sacred Parahyangan building for Hindus in Bali, where this gate is connected to the Gumang Temple which is located on the top of the Gumang hill. When the day of the ceremony many people come through the gate to make a holy journey to the holy place. Quoted from the Vedas which reads "Moksartham Jagadhita ya ca iti dharma" the purpose of life is to achieve prosperity in this world and to achieve moksha, namely happiness in the hereafter, or "the way to achieve Moksha". Where is the case with this gate made to make it easier for the people to make their spiritual journey. And also the design of the stairs which looks like a road to heaven. So the word gate to moksha is very appropriate for the gate of the hyang ambu gate. It is very suitable as a very interesting photo spot with the Gate of Moksha background it will look very instagrammable. And also the gate has other name which is Bugbug Greets, which was made by village of Bugbug and meaning of the gate is to greets someone who is on the way to Karangasem or vice versa

History of Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

The beginning of the construction of Gumang Gate from the inspiration of I Nyoman Purwa Ngurah Arsana who as the Head of the Bugbug Traditional Village who was just inaugurated in October 2022, as for his idea, he wanted to give a surprise gift to families from manca desa. Where the Manca Desa are 5 villages that serve as the pengempon (maintaining, caring, preserving) of the Gumang Temple, the manca desa village consist of the villages of Bugbug, Ngis, Datah, Jasri and Bebandem. The gift from his idea is to give a surprise in visiting the old house, the holy place, namely Pura Gumang to perform prayers. Where this gate leads to the Gumang Temple directly and shortens the time compared to using the old route to the Gumang Temple. By providing easy access to Gumang Temple with the construction of the Sang Hyang ambu gate, it is hoped that they can easily mobilize during ceremonies and also as a new tourist attraction in Bugbug Karangasem village. By giving a first impression at the main gate, of course, you from overseas will be very happy. Their happiness will be their own strength in carrying out their spiritual journey, holy journey, climbing hills to reach the peak with a height of 279 meters above sea level to worship Bethara Gede Gumang, Bethara who resides in Pura Gumang. We believe and hope that this way of welcoming will leave a lasting impression.

Sang Hyang Ambu Gate | The Gate of Moksha | Bugbug Greets
Sang Hyang Ambu Gate | The Gate of Moksha | Bugbug Greets
Sang Hyang Ambu Gate | The Gate of Moksha | Bugbug Greets

Design of Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

The Gumang Gate or Sang Hyang Ambu Gate was designed by architect Ir. Wayan Winaja by giving a very different touch in the design of the gate in general, where in the Sang Hyang Ambu Gatetwo separate buildings are made but still a pair which is the main foundation of the "Bagalan" master plan, by giving an ancient touch in the megalithic era with the meaning to provide the older generation who have a simple mindset but are able to make all kinds of breakthroughs and give extraordinary enthusiasm for progress. A symbol of a civilized journey that continues to move from generation to generation and is able to adapt to its era. A very brilliant idea from this architect, every touch and angle of the gate building is made in detail with a high philosophical meaning, which is expected to guide the next generation to keep developing and adapting in today's progress.

Construction of the Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

Sang Hyang Ambu Hill is a hill located in the village of Bugbug, here many are inhabited by monkeys who are the original inhabitants of this Sanghyang Ambu hill. located on the main road to Karangasem city. The construction of the Gumang temple gate located on Sang Hyang Ambu Hill was carried out to create an alternative road to Gumang Temple, and it is hoped that during a large ceremony it can facilitate the mobilization of all ceremonial equipment and supplies, including priorities for the elderly. And it was also made to serve as a new tourist destination in Bug Bug Village, Karangasem. From the gate of Sang Hyang Ambu to the Gumang Temple it is about 3 kilos, on the way to Gumang Temple what you will see is so enchanting, where you can see the ocean, hills and Mount Agung, really complete, so your day will be filled by the very pleasant surprise of passing through this gate

The Philosophy of the Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

The Sang Hyang Ambu gate is made in such a way that it looks very attractive, carved using ancient Balinese architectural designs combined with stone age influences which make the combination look very attractive and very instagramable. The design form of this gate is inspired by the nature of the fern tree which continues to grow in a circle to form new branches continuously. The Philosophy meaning shows that there is a cycle of life that continues to grow in a sustainable manner. As a whole, the gate radiates spiritual energy (taksu) which invites the admiration of its visitors. It is truly an architectural design that is very meaningful, it can be seen from the very beautiful shape of the gate, just by looking at it, the aura of the sacredness of this gate radiates. If you happen to be passing by here, it would be nice to stop for a moment to see and feel the majesty of this gate, very full of philosophical meaning that might really impress you.

The Impression of the Sang Hyang Ambu Gate

By giving a first impression at this magnificent main gate, the brothers from 5 villages will feel very happy to see the beauty and majesty of this gate. Their happiness will be their own strength in performing prayers at Pura Gumang, where they will climb the top of a hill with a height of 279 meters above sea level to worship Bethara Gede Gumang who resides at Gumang Temple. With the gate of Sang Hyang Ambu, it is hoped that it will leave an impression that is always remembered. In addition, it is used as a new tourist attraction that promotes local wisdom in the form of architectural design. In addition, to give a first impression that accompanies the trip in Karangasem district. A very beautiful and very nice gate will welcome you when you pass this main road. You can stop here for a while to rest after a long journey and to appreciate this phenomenal work.

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