Gumang Temple is the kahyangan jagat temple which is located in the southeastern part and this temple has existed since the ancient Balinese era, namely in year Saka 11 which can be seen from several studies on this Gumang Temple, so this Gumang temple belongs to a row of ancient temples on the island of Bali. Gumang Temple is located on a hill that called Gumang Hill with stunning views around it, where you can see amazing views of the hills, ocean and mountains. It is suitable for those of you who really like the natural scenery that is so enchanting and is perfect as a place to see the sunrise, with a faint light when the sun appears it will make the scenery even more beautiful. You will be very comfortable to linger here by looking at the very enchanting scenery, besides the beautiful scenery, here on Gumang Hill is also inhabited by a herd of monkeys. Tourist attractions have just boomed because the scenery produced here is very instagrammable, for those of you who happen to be heading to the east of the island of Bali, you can stop here and visit Pura Gumang to see the beauty of this scenery

All you need to know Gumang Temple

Location of Gumang Temple

The location of the Gumang temple is located in the Hill with name Gumang Hill in the eastern part of Bali, precisely located in Bug Bug village, at Gumang Hills, Karangasem. From the parking lot, we will walk through paths and stairs to reach this location, enjoy the trekking while see the amazing view surround on the way to temple. The location is located on a hill with views of the forest that stretches very beautifully, cool and very natural. Easier access to the Gumang Temple will be made. Like the construction of the Sang Hyang Ambu Gate which can be accessed from Sang Hyang Ambu Hill and from this gate we can walk through stair get to Gumang Hill, the construction of this gate is expected to be able to mobilize when there are ceremonies and also as a new tourist attraction in Bugbug village, Karangasem. It is suitable for a place to heal a wounded heart, where an atmosphere like this will give peace of mind. If from Kuta it takes about two hours to drive a car, and if you are confused about coming here, we from Bali Tour provide Bali Car Charter transportation that you can use at a relatively cheap price and satisfying service.

History Gumang Temple

Gumang Temple comes from Byaha Hill Temple which is located on a dyke called Byaha which is located in the middle of the sea to the south of Bukit Gumang. From here, Bhatara Gede Gumang, who at that time was named Sang Hyang Sinuhun Kidul and resided in Uluwatu Hill, married Bhatara's daughter in Byaha Hill, named Dewi Ayu Mas, to become a maid. After he became ardhanareswari or by another name husband and wife. Then Bhatara Gede Gumang headed to the hill which is now known as Gumang Hill, and here he established the Kahyangan Temple as his Stana. And the local community gave his title by the name of Bhatara Gede Gumang. This is where he remains until now and is adored by the Bugbug community as Ida Gede. He here teaches the Bugbug community about manners, socializing, farming, raising livestock, going to sea, making tools both from wood and iron and so on. In addition, Ida Gde (Bhatara Gede Gumang) also opened rice fields and built huts, taught the people around Bukit Gumang to plow, raise livestock and so on, which are located in the villages of Soap, Tegakin, Malegok, Lumpadang (Ulun Padang), Belong and established a place for blacksmith in Malegok which is now the Pande Temple. Then continued at Mel Pahang, Pangiyu, Gantalan, Gorek, Lebah Kangin (Teba Kangin) and Delod Poh Village.

How Get to Gumang Temple

Gumang temple is located on Gumang hill, to get there you need to walk, where you will go through paths and stairs for about 1 hour to reach Gumang Temple which is located at the top of this hill. It's a very tiring journey but when you get to the top you will be amazed by the scenery there, from the beautiful expanse of the sea you can see from this, the view of the largest majestic mountain on the island of Bali you can see from here, the view of a small forest under the hill so enchanting to look at. It is a very pleasant sensation to see natural scenery that is still very natural and natural, very suitable to see the sunrise from here. On Gumang Hill, because of the location in the forest, this place is inhabited by monkeys, you can see monkeys roaming around the temple area. The results of a very tiring walk have paid off by seeing the expanse of a very amazing view of the Gumang Hills in this Gumang Temple. An experience that may be hard for you to forget, seeing a green forest that is still very natural with many green trees makes the eyes comfortable to see, seeing the vast blue ocean will spoil your eyes and admire the beauty of this nature and you will be very comfortable to linger - long time in this Gumang hill, a sensation that you may not get anywhere else. A very tiring journey but worth the results it gives.

What Will You See at Gumang Temple

Some interesting things that you can see at Pura Gumang such as seeing the beauty of Pura Gumang which is classified as the Kahyangan Jagat Temple which has existed since time immemorial and belongs to a row of ancient temples on the island of Bali. Seeing the beautiful view of the sea which is very tempting with the expanse of blue and also being able to see virgin beach from above, with its white sand which is very amazing. Seeing the view of Mount Agung from Pura Gumang which is located on this Gumang Hill, look at the view of Mount Agung which is so enchanting as the largest mountain on the island of Bali, if you come in the morning, the view of the mountain will be even more beautiful. Seeing the view of the rice fields from the Gumang hill, it is very beautiful to see the green expanse of rice fields that are plotted from a distance, a very rare sight to see this natural beauty. See the view of the hill which is lush with trees and very green, where it is very rare to be at a height and see a stretch of forest that is still very natural and untouched by buildings. See some of the monkey habitats around this Gumang Temple, wandering around the forest and the Gumang Temple area. This view that you will see if you visit Gumang Temple, is very beautiful isn't it, very tempting to visit Gumang Temple.

Gumang Hill and Temple | Karangasem Places of Intereste | Bali Golden Tour
Gumang Hill and Temple | Karangasem Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Gumang Hill and Temple | Tours Riding an ATV Bike | Bali Golden Tour

Trekking from Gumang Temple to Virgin Beach

From Gumang Temple the view is very beautiful, and we can see the view of the famous Virgin Beach in the Karangasem area with its white sand and very clear water. And from Gumang Temple you can walk to virgin beach by passing a path through small forests and people's houses here, as for the distance from Gumang temple to virgin beach it is estimated to be about 1 km, where on the way you can see a very enchanting beautiful view of nature panorama. while walking on the winding road in the hills you can see the stunning natural scenery of the hills, The journey through the path that is still dirt, from the middle of the road you can see the expanse of the sea and virgin beach which is so beautiful seen from the middle of this trekking pathafter a very tiring journey you will arrive at the beach, you walk along the beach and you will arrive at virgin beach. If you drive with a driver and want to experience trekking from Pura Gumang and finish at Virgin Beach, maybe you can ask your driver to wait at Virgin Beach, so you don't have to go back. A very pleasant experience where you pass through unspoiled hills with views of the ocean, rice fields, mountains and hills that you will see during your trekking trip from Gumang Temple to Virgin Beach.

Unique Ceremony at Gumang Temple

The ceremony at Pura Gumang is unique and has its own characteristics according to the heritage of the ancestors and until now this ceremony is still being held, while the name of this ceremony is called "Mapuug" and is held in conjunction with the Ngusaba ceremony on the day of Purnamaning Kapat, where from the the village that takes care of the temple (pengempon) which consists of the villages of Bugbug, Ngis, Datah, Jasri and Bebandem. Where these five villages will together go to the gumang temple by bringing a Jempana containing Pratima. At the ceremony there is also what is called the Nyaik Nasi Puluhan ceremony, which is a ceremony to eat together without distinction of race, social status or origin. Then continued with the Mepinton pickle where this ceremony presented a pejati containing Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) with the aim of feeling devotion for the gift given by Bhatara Gumang. Uniquely, on 14th October 2016 the Mapinton procession performed Babi Guling offerings of around 2000 Babi Guling which were presented by the people who performed the screening event at midnight in the early hours of the morning. The biggest offering of babi guling in Bali at the ceremony held

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