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Padang Padang Beach is a beach tourist destination with white sand and big waves which is very popular in south bali islands. The beach is very often visited once with its uniqueness which is where to go to the beach through a narrow rock and on the beach a stretch of white sand is so enchanting, it is equipped with clear water and calm waves on the outside and big in the middle and this beach is ideal once for swimming and surfing or sunbathing on the beach. Interestingly, to get to this beach, we had to descend the stairs are made in the cliffs. After a few yards down the stairs we are greeted by the sun. It turns a dark alley behind the beach there is incredible beauty. The waves that roll, rock-breaking waves, and the sky is captivating. Towards dusk, we could see a beautiful sunset view, as if the sun is swallowed by the ocean.

All you need to know about Padang Padang Beach :

Padang Padang Beach Location

The location of the Padang - Padang beach is located in the village of Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Bali. The location is very strategic which is located on the road that leads to Uluwatu Temple, so if you plan to visit Uluwatu Temple, it is recommended to visit this Padang - Padang beach, just to get around the beach or swim here. If you depart from Kuta it will take about 60 minutes of travel depending on the situation on the road, it is very easy to find with the help of google map you will be able to get here easily and at each intersection there are directions that show the direction to Padang - Padang beach. . If you plan to come here, we from Bali Tour are ready to take you by providing transportation at low prices and very satisfying service and accompanied by an experienced driver will make the trip very enjoyable.

Uniqueness Padang - Padang Beach

On the island of Bali there are many very beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water, here we will talk about one of the beaches that is very often visited by tourists, due to its strategic location and is often included in tour packages to Uluwatu. Because this Padang - Padang beach is close to the location of the Uluwatu Temple. The uniqueness of this beach is the entrance to the beach, where you will pass a small path around the cliff, but after arriving at the beach, a wide and beautiful view approaches. In addition, its uniqueness is also located on the beach where the beach has white sand that stretches along the beach and large and small rocks on the beach make the scenery very beautiful, and also the uniqueness you are looking for is very large waves like waves. which is on dreamland beach which is very suitable for surfing This beach is often used for surfing and sunbathing by tourists. With waves that are not classified as large, it is suitable for surfing beginners and with white sand it is suitable for sunbathing.

Best and Popular Beach in South Bali

Padang Padang Beach is one of the best beaches in South Bali in addition to dreamland, Kuta and Nusa Dua. White sandy beach stretching ahead of you, clear blue water and flat, perfect for swimming. Sand white color contrasts with the black rocks and blue sea exotic. The beach was clean, quiet atmosphere and crystal clear waters will make us feel at home after a long time to swim and sunbathe here. The more the light rays of the sun adds to the more exotic blue waters are shown. A bright blue sky and white clouds forming harmonization beautiful scenery. Visible in the distance the boulder clusters, this is so beautiful. Large boulders are scattered along the coast. No wonder this view makes this beach one of the most famous beaches, and the beauty of the beach is very much on par with Dreamland Beach which is also in this Pecatu area. A very valuable sensation in taking the time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Padang - Padang

Padang-Padang Beach | Badung Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Padang-Padang Beach | Badung Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Padang-Padang Beach | Badung Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Facilities at Padang Padang Beach

As one of the most famous beaches, Padang Padang has very complete facilities, around the stretch of sand beach, you can find some tents that sell food and drinks, and renting surfboards. The extent of Kuta beach area is not, but this is what makes this beach so special. If you enjoy the sunset at the beach with a few other visitors around you it will feel like a private beach. The scenery was almost similar to the views of the beaches in Thailand. Although the standard has a secluded beach for a shore facility from the shower, toilet, as well as lifeguard or lifeguards. In addition, the parking lot here is very spacious so you don't have to worry if you come here, on the beach there are also tent rentals for those of you who want to bask in the hot sun on the white sand of this desert beach.

Hollywood Star at Padang-Padang Beach

This beach is so famous that it makes celebrities from holywood star and famous filmmakers and singers visit this very beautiful beach. Padang Padang beach is popular starting around 1996's from the music group Michael Learns To Rock took this beach as one of the set of their video clips. Not long ago, actress Julia Roberts is also shooting at the beach for his new movie Eat, Pray and Love that has been released in 2010. Padang - Padang beach with its very beautiful charm makes it widely used as an object for photography and as a place for filming and music videos here. So don't be surprised if this Padang beach is one of the popular beaches that you should visit if you are on vacation on the island of Bali, with very clear water and clean white sand that will make the atmosphere on the beach very pleasant.

What You Can Do at Padang-Padang Beach

The beach has always been a tourist destination that will never be forgotten, the atmosphere of the beach is so beautiful it will make your days full of meaning, for those who have never seen the beach, this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of this very popular Padang Padang Beach in south Bali. Enjoy the activities on this beach with all the uniqueness and diversity that will complete your adventure during your vacation in Bali. As for some of the things you can do on this very beautiful Padang beach:

  1. Beach Hopping: Just to take a walk on the beach while looking at the stunning view of the blue sea water, relax on the beach while enjoying the view of the beach waves that are so beautiful, a very rare sensation where you will do beach hopping on a beautiful beach. this very famous
  2. Surfing: With big waves and clear water, this beach is very popular with surf lovers, this beach is always the choice when it comes to surfing activities, and international and local surfing competitions are often held here. This beach has many rocks inside, so it's better to be careful when surfing here
  3. Snorkeling: If you like snorkeling activities, you can bring snorkeling equipment and do snorkeling activities here, underwater life on the coast of Padang - Padang is still very natural and very suitable for those of you who really like to do snorkeling activities
  4. Sunbathing: Around the beach there are tent rentals that you can use if you want to sunbathe here, or without a tent, you can also bring a towel as a base and place it on the sand and enjoy the scorching sun that stings the skin, a very extraordinary sensation when visiting to the coast of the desert
  5. Massages: Around the beach there are many traditional massage services that are ready to massage you at a relatively cheap price with a very good massage, hard massage that will make your blood circulation smooth and make your body fresh and fit again, after a tiring activity
  6. Yoga: With a very natural and cool beach atmosphere, it is very suitable to be used as a yoga place, many tourists come here in the morning and do yoga here, where in the morning the atmosphere is still not crowded so yoga activities become very calm and very fun
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