Banyumala Twin Waterfall is located in the villages of Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali, located on a plateau with rows of surrounding hills that make the surrounding landscape so beautiful, with clear water in the waterfall adding to the value of this tourist attraction. To reach the location of this waterfall, you can go through the road provided, around 20 to 30 minutes to reach the location of the waterfall, arriving at the location you will be presented with natural works of waterfalls that are so beautiful and stunning. It is a very amazing sight to see the beauty of the stunning waterfall scenery with its twin waterfalls which is very amazing, no wonder this Banyumala twin waterfall tourist destination is one of the waterfall tours that is never deserted by visitors, with beautiful scenery that very tempting and also the water is very clear making it attractive to waterfall tourism lovers

If you visit Banyumala Twin Waterfall, here's what you need to know

Banyumala Twin Waterfall Location

The location of the tourist destination of the Banyumala waterfall is located in the village of Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, and the location is not far from the tourist destination of Wanagiri Hidden Hill which is famous for its beautiful photo spots with the background of Tamblingan and Buyan lakes or better known as Twin Lakes. . If you depart from Kuta to Banyumala Waterfall, it will take about 2 hours of travel time via the Bedugul village route which will pass through tourist destinations such as Candi Kuning Market, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Iconic Handara Gate, if you plan to go here it would be great also visit these tourist destinations because they are still on the same path. With a google map guide you will easily find the location of this Banyumala twin waterfall, and if you don't want to explore it yourself, we from Bali Tour have a Hire Car and Driver program that you can use to visit Banyumala Waterfall tourist destinations and other tourist destinations. around this area, with very cheap prices and of course very satisfying service and also accompanied by very experienced tour drivers will make the trip to Banyumala Twin Waterfall very enjoyable

History of Banyumala Twin Waterfall

The Banyumala Waterfall has been around for a long time and to get to the waterfall it is through a slightly difficult access which is located in the wild, and the surrounding community does not look at this waterfall to be developed into a tourist destination. In 2015 in July, local people Putu Sukadana and Nyoman Sudiana who are natives from the area around this waterfall, saw this waterfall has very good potential to be a tourist destination with its unique twin waterfall which is very rarely owned by other waterfalls. So that this waterfall was developed and made access to the waterfall easier and also built supporting facilities that will make this waterfall very comfortable when visited. And finally this waterfall has become very famous with its uniqueness which makes it a waterfall tour that is never deserted by visitors until now. So if you like waterfall tours, you shouldn't miss this tourist destination at all because it has a very tempting natural beauty

The Uniqueness of Banyumala Twin Waterfall

As one of the most famous waterfall tourist destinations, the Banyumala twin waterfall has its own uniqueness that makes it one of the most visited waterfall tours and is in demand by foreign and domestic tourists, in addition to a location with a view of trees that are still very green and very attractive. Also the fresh air makes this Banyumala Twin Waterfall tourist destination never empty of visitors. As for some of the uniqueness that the author can tell based on the experience of visiting the Banyumala Waterfall, they are as follows:

  1. Waterfall Height: The height of the Banyumala waterfall is estimated to be as high as 20 meters, including the height of the waterfall which is quite high compared to other waterfalls, with the water falling not so fast making this waterfall very beautiful with the falling water slowly from a height of 20 meters.
  2. Twin Waterfall: Another uniqueness is in the fall of this waterfall located on the left and right of the rock cliff, thus making two streams of water fall down the pool which makes it a very beautiful twin waterfall, so Banyumala waterfall is also called a waterfall twins who are very charming with their natural beauty
  3. Waterfall Pool: The pool at the Banyumala waterfall is very wide with a depth that is not so deep making this pool often used by tourists to soak and swim while seeing the uniqueness of this Banyumala waterfall, so if you visit the waterfall banyumala, it would be nice to soak here too and will make your day memorable one
  4. Green Views: Another uniqueness that Banyumala waterfall has is the natural scenery around which is green with very lush trees making the scenery so enchanting, around the cliffs of the waterfall overgrown with small green plants that make the beauty of this waterfall very enchanting views and perfect for background of your photography.
  5. Waterfall Cliff: Another uniqueness is in the rock cliff where this waterfall falls, where its position is tilted with an uneven surface so that the water that falls down does not go straight down but is scattered, making the scenery very beautiful and one of the the uniqueness of the banyumala waterfall
  6. Rainbow: With a very high waterfall height and also located in a very cool highland with this beautiful waterfall, rainbows are often seen at this waterfall, a very rare phenomenon for us to see, where if you are lucky in a visit here you can see rainbows in this Banyumala waterfall. , is great and amazing experience during explore the beauty of banyumala twin waterfall and see the fascinating rainbow at waterfall

With the uniqueness of this Banyumala Twin Waterfall, it makes it one of the most popular waterfall tourist destinations in the northern area of ​​​​the island of Bali. If you visit the island of Bali and like waterfall tours, it would be nice if you included this Banyumala waterfall in your list of tourist destinations during your vacation on the island of Bali. A very impressive experience when visiting Banyumala Waterfall with all its natural beauty and uniqueness will complete your adventure on this beloved island of Bali.

Banyumala Twin Waterfall | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Banyumala Twin Waterfall | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Banyumala Twin Waterfall | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Beauty and Hidden Banyumala Twin Waterfall

The expanse of lush and green forest turns out to save its own beauty. Not far from there you will find a hidden paradise in the form of a waterfall that is still beautiful and very natural. As far as the eye can see the plants spread between the rocks. This seems to separate the waterfall into two parts. The current is not as heavy as other waterfalls, but the distinctive feature of water falling through rocks between creeping plants has its own charm. Banyumala Waterfall is at the bottom of a valley with three sides of the waterfall and the biggest and highest is right in the middle, then a smaller waterfall is on the right and left. Right below the Banyumala Waterfall there is a pool that was formed naturally and actually this is what makes this waterfall very famous. With the water that is very clear and calm, you can feel safe to swim in it. It's so clear that you can even see the bottom of this pond when viewed from above even though the deepest place can reach a depth of 2 meters. Fresh air and a beautiful atmosphere will welcome you when you arrive at this waterfall. The expanse of beauty will spoil your eyes when you get there. This waterfall is perfect for those of you who want to play water, starting from swimming or just wet. Although the diameter is not too wide, which is around 20 meters, you will not be bored with the scenery there.

What You Can Do at Banyumala Waterfall

As a very famous tourist destination in the northern area of ​​the island of Bali, there are several things you can do here, a very pleasant experience in visiting the beauty of the Banyumala waterfall in this wanagiri village, with a location in remote areas far from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. make the atmosphere of visiting very pleasant, with fresh air and many trees that are still green will make you feel like you are in a forest that is still very natural, below are some things you can do when visiting banyumala twin waterfall

  1. Bathing: Banyumala twin waterfall has a water reservoir from the fall of a very large waterfall, so it can accommodate dozens of people in this pool, you can soak here and enjoy the beauty of the scenery around the waterfall which is very amazing, with very beautiful water. very clear and fresh, making bathing activities in the Banyumala waterfall will be very fun.
  2. Photography: In addition to clear water and a pool used for bathing, you can also take photos in this place with a very beautiful waterfall background, where the expanse of waterfalls surrounded by green plants around rock cliffs makes the scenery very photogenic, and very suitable for those of you who like photography to take pictures of this Banyumala waterfall
  3. Views: Besides that, you can also enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery around this very beautiful Banyumala Twin Waterfall. Around this waterfall there are many very shady trees with very natural shades of green, very spoil your eyes to enjoy the beauty of nature which is very charming, with very cool air that will complete the atmosphere at the Banyumala waterfall.

Banyumala Twin Waterfall Facilities

as for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the village of wanagiri, this waterfall has very complete supporting facilities, so it will make many tourists feel very comfortable to linger in this place. there is a very large parking area, so you don't have to worry anymore if you go to this place, there are fairly clean toilets that you can use, and there is a place to change clothes for those of you who want to soak in the pool in the Twin Waterfall Banyumala Wanagiri. So a main facility that will spoil you when visiting this Banyumnala twin waterfall. The beauty of the beautiful waterfall formation is the main attraction. This place is also suitable for you selfie mania, because there are beautiful spots that you can choose. The road to the waterfall is sometimes quite difficult. Banyumala Waterfall does present a green landscape and is far from the noisy and bustling sounds commonly found in urban areas

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