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Bali Candi Kuning Market is the name of traditional fruit and vegetable market situated in the mountain area of Bedugul Bali. It is strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Singaraja and many visited by tourists or local people who pass this market. The fruits and vegetable are displayed look fresh due to it supplied from the local agriculture field surrounding area. Candi Kuning Market can be visited when passing main road from or to Singaraja. Candi kuning is a market where most of the local people sell fruits from plantations, where some plantation products can only be found here, such as strawberries where only in this Bedugul area there are the most and most fertile strawberry plantations, you can stop here and buy strawberries make gifts for your family or relatives

All you need to know about Candi Kuning Market

Fruit Market Tourist Attraction

Candi Kuning Market is a market tourist attraction which is located close to the botanical gardens and Ulun Danu Bedugul, because of its strategic location, this tourist attraction is often visited by foreign and domestic tourists who just stop by to see social activities in this market or buy fruit and handicrafts. contained in this market. This market mostly sells fruits and there are also shops selling souvenirs. The fruits that are sold here are produce from local community plantations, and the fruit that is characteristic of Bedugul is strawberries, where this fruit can only grow in the highlands like this Bedugul village. at Candi Kuning this market sells various types of very delicious fruits and most of the produce from local plantations, where in the Bedugul area is located in a cool highland, so the fruits grow very fertile and the fruit is very fresh and delicious. . Of the various fruits that are sold, the most attractive is the strawberry which is very delicious

Chips, Snacks and Souvenir

In addition to fruits from local people's produce, this market also sells some snacks such as chips which are offered at affordable prices, for those of you who like snacks, this tourist attraction is perfect for you to try local village snacks. In addition, some also sell handicrafts such as knick-knacks, masks, paintings and t-shirts. This market is quite complete, no wonder many tourists stop here to just see or buy something at this candi kuning market. Clean market conditions and neatly arranged merchandise, beautifully shaped with colorful combinations of fruit and vegetables, look different from other traditional markets. That's why at first glance we feel tempted to take a closer look at this place. A perfect stop location after visiting tourist objects in this area such as Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Bedugul Botanical Garden and other Waterfall attractions. Stop for a moment at this place to see activities at this famous traditional market in the Bedugul area.

Candi Kuning Market - Strawberries


Candi Kuning Market - Vegetables


Candi Kuning Market - Handycraft


Local Farmers at Bedugul Village

In the village of Candi Kuning Bedugul, most of the residents work in the plantation sector and this is supported by the land here, where the soil is very fertile so that fruit plants can thrive and produce fresh fruit and there are also vegetable plantations here. As for the fruit plantations here, such as oranges, mangoes, apples, bananas, and the most famous is the strawberry, because in this area, strawberries can grow very fertile and become one of the icons of Bedugul, namely the strawberry. In addition, vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, mustard greens and others are also found in the local community plantations here. And to sell these plantation products, local residents usually bring to the candi kuning market to sell to consumers, the most activity here is in the morning, you can see lots of fresh fruit on display at this kiosk and arranged very nicely so that it will make the buyers are interested in buying them. The most widely sold variety of fruit is strawberry, because in this area there are many strawberry gardens owned by residents which are also open to the public. Like other traditional markets, a bargaining process is also needed to get the right price.

Why Candi Kuning Market Famous

Why Candi Kuning Market is famous as a fruit market, while in Bali there are many fruit markets that sell fruits in traditional markets, why is Candi Kuning market so popular among tourists, it's because of its very strategic location, namely on the main road of tourism to Ulun danu, bedugul, waterfall and north Bali. Because of that, the yellow market temple is often visited and over time it becomes a word of mouth among tourists and is also often included in tour programs by tour companies to make package tours more attractive. So most tourists stop for a while after seeing the fruits on display at the kiosk by the sellers here. So if you are heading to north bali or coming from north bali, you can stop here for a moment to see this yellow temple market. Like other markets where transactions here are more of a bargaining system, if you are good at bargaining you will get goods at very cheap prices.

Candi Kuning Market Location

Candi Kuning Traditional Market is located near the entrance of Botanical Garden. If you depart from the Kuta area, it will take about two hours of travel, quite far and long journey to reach the location of this yellow temple fruit market. But if you visit the very famous Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, behind it you can stop at this fruit market because it is still one route on the main road to North Bali. If you are confused about getting here you can contact us and we will always take you to see this fruit market with a fairly cheap transportation price and accompanied by a very experienced driver will make this trip even more enjoyable, remember if Candi Kuning Market not open 24 hours but only opens from 7:00 am 4:00 pm, if want to visit is better in morning time, due fruit still fresh and delicious.

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