Angel Billabong Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Island, Bali. This tourist spot of Angel Billabong Beach is adjacent to Pasih Uug Beach. To get to this tourist destination you have to go to Banjar Sumpang and ask lots of questions to local residents because the location is still quite difficult to find. The winding streets and Natural countryside will accompany you during the trip. Angel Billabong is tourism site about Nature Rock Lagoon created by nature and located beside the angel's beach. Also the Angel billabong beach known as Natural Infinity Pool at Nusa Penida Islands

When talking about Nusa Penida, it can't be separated from the beach, because in Nusa Penida most of the tourist objects are beaches. Of the many tourism site in Nusa Penida, only a few are already known and some are still undiscovered. Here we will explain the Angel Billabong Beach tourist attraction which is quite unique from most beach attractions in Nusa Penida. Angel Billabong is becoming more and more famous among foreign and domestic tourists from day to day, with its very beautiful scenery and uniqueness, very worthy as a favorite tourist attraction in Nusa Penida

The uniqueness of the Angel Billabong Beach

The uniqueness of the Angel Billabong Beach tourist attraction is located in a puddle where tourists can jump to swim in the pool. But if the water is very high, it is strictly forbidden to go down to the pool, because it is too dangerous. If the water recedes you can swim in this place while seeing a very impressive sight. As for the shore, it looks like an infinity pool, which on the edge faces the sea, it looks as if we are swimming in the sea. A very memorable experience to visit Angel Billabong Beach in Nusa Penida.

History name of the Angel Billabong Beach

According to local people the name of the Angel Billabong Beach come from mythic story if this place is place for Angel bath, so this place is often called Angel Billabong. Angel's which means angel. What means this place is Bidadari, Nusa Penida. And the word billabong in English means the end. The end of a river that is dead-end, this occurs when the direction of the river branched out and one end was deadlocked.

The Angel Billabong Beach is a Natural Rock Lagoon with beautiful scenic seascape located in the shore that offer amazing view, this place is often visited by foreign or local tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can go down and see from near the beauty of this nature form rock and also you can swim in this nature lagoon if the water is low tide, if water high tide is not allowed to go down to the lagoon

This pool in Angel's Billabong Beach is the final estuary of the Nusa Penida River which is crushed by coral cliffs before reaching the open sea. Located in the middle of the reef that is split and in the middle forms a pond. The water in this pond is from rivers and the high seas which are separated by coral cliffs and directly adjacent to the Angel’s Billabong pool. When the tide rises, sea water will enter this pond. So if you swim at Angel Billabong Beach you have to be careful and see the tides of the sea.

How to get to Angel Billabong Beach

As you know, if Angel Billabong beach is located on the island of Nusa Penida which is a small island that is part of the island of Bali and transportation access to get there is only through sea transportation such as fast boats and as for the port to get there, most use the port in Sanur. It is very difficult if you travel alone without a tour company, because there are many things you need to organize for get to Nusa Penida, such as sea transportation and land transportation in Nusa Penida. Here we make it easy to get there by taking one of our Nusa Penida tour. Here we from Bali Tour have several tour programs to visit the beauty of Angel Billabong beach, namely the Bali West Nusa Penida Tour, with relatively cheap prices and satisfying service. The Bali Nusa Penida Tour Package price includes return hotel transfers, fast boat return tickets, transportation on the island of Nusa Penida and lunch with Indonesian food. So if you have plans to visit Angel Billabong Beach or other tourist attractions on Nusa Penida Island, we will be happy to take you to visit the natural beauty found in Nusa Penida.

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