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West Bali National Park is nature conservation with pure ecosystem managed by zone system for multiple research purpose involving the education, tourism and recreation. It is one of the national park located west side of Bali Island with beautiful panoramic, unique nature ecosystem and fresh atmosphere. Bali West National Park or most the local people call Taman National Bali Barat is one of the tourist destinations in Negara Regency and many visited by tourists. West Bali National Park is a very extensive nature conservation area aimed at protecting rare and endangered flora and fauna, with the construction of the West Bali National Park, it is hoped that the preservation of flora and fauna on the island of Bali will be stable and avoid extinction. With a very sustainable atmosphere where there are many lush trees, animals are free to roam along the forest here, making you feel very comfortable, especially hearing birds chirping and seeing many animals here, your heart will feel very happy.

If you visit West Bali National Park, here all you need to know

Location of West Bali National Park

The location of the West Bali National Park is located very far from the center of Denpasar, which requires a 4 hour trip by car to get here, because it is located at the western tip of the island of Bali. It is situated in west side of Bali Island and close to Gilimanuk Port or about 4 hours drive away from Bali's International Airport. Some of the Bali West National Park Area located in Grokgak sub district, Singaraja Regency and some of the area located in Melaya Sub district, Jembrana Regency. This place is a very strategic location where on the main road to Gilimanuk harbor where we will pass this West Bali National Park, so if you want to travel alone you can use Google Map and you have to be ready to be tired because the journey is very far.. And if you want to visit this place, we from Bali Tour are ready to take you to get around this west bali national park at a very cheap and affordable Bali Car Charter price, and with a very satisfying service will make the trip to the west bali national park not boring and it would be so much fun

West Bali National Park Generally

West Bali National Park is located in the western part of the island of Bali in Indonesia, namely in Jembrana district, by occupying land in the national park, According to Republic Indonesia Forestry Minister decision written on the official letter no 493/Kpts-II/1995 that Bali West National Park has the land covers land and water areas which reaches an area of ​​19,002.89 Ha consisting of a terrestrial area of ​​15,587.89 Ha. and a water area of ​​3,415 ha and as one of the conservation areas for flora and fauna found in Bali Bara. The purpose of making this West Bali National Park is because the flora and fauna population in Bali has reached a critical level which is on the verge of extinction, so the West Bali National Park was built whose functions are as follows:

  1. As a place for conservation and protection of the Bali starling population, where the Bali starling is an icon of the island of Bali and endemic animals from the island of Bali, and also for the conservation of other ecosystems such as coral reef ecosystems, mangrove ecosystems, coastal forest ecosystems and lowland to mountainous forest ecosystems as a life support system, primarily aimed at maintaining the authenticity, integrity and diversity of natural succession in ecosystem units that are stable and able to support life optimally.
  2. Preservation of the diversity of flora and fauna species and their ecosystems is aimed at protecting, restoring authenticity, developing populations and genetic diversity within the TNBB area from human disturbances.
  3. The sustainable use of Natural Resources and their Ecosystems is intended for various uses such as:
    • As a field laboratory for researchers for the development of science and technology.
    • As a place of education for the benefit of increasing knowledge and skills for the community.
    • The tourism object will be in a special utilization zone where tourism facilities can be built.
    • Support the captive cultivation of flora and fauna species in order to meet the needs of protein, pets and medicinal plants.

Topographic of West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park area is a green are spread out along the main road Denpasar – Gilimanuk – Singaraja about 150 kilometers. Topographic of this park own constant gradation between mount, hill, valley, bay and sea. The mountain area is involving up to 71% from the total park area as protected forest with multifarious faunas like deer, forest pig, lion, birth etc. meanwhile the flat area is about 29% located in north part of main road Gilimanuk – Singaraja until Java Sea. If we look from the conception, this area is a Giri/Gunung or mounts which is completed by the forest (Wanagiri). According to Kidung Utama Tantri script there is a word mention Ning Wana Ukir which gives the direction that the Wana Giri philosophy is well written to describe the total of this world

Bali West National Park | Jembrana Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Bali West National Park | Jembrana Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Bali West National Park | Jembrana Places of Interes | Bali Golden Tour

Flora and Fauna at West Bali National Park

The potential of West Bali National Park includes various types of wild flora and fauna, which are rare, protected or whose existence is still abundant, their habitat and geomorphological location as well as their natural beauty that is still intact. The ecosystem within the West Bali National Park area is quite potential and complete which includes marine, coastal and coastal waters, lowland forests to mountains which are natural habitats for wild life which also shows high biodiversity, including coral reefs and other marine biota, mangrove vegetation, brackish swamp forest, savanna and monsoon forest. About 160 species of animals and plants are protected in this national park. West Bali National Park own high potential of flora and fauna those are consisted of 14 variety of protected floras involving Sawo Kecik (Manilkara Kauki), Sono Keling (Dalbergia Latifolia). From the fauna, Jalak Bali Birth (Leucopsar Rothscildi) is one of the endemic fauna in Bali Island there are pure habitat found in this park along to Prapat Agung and surrounding area. Other faunas can be found at this park involving cow, deer, mouse deer, venison, wild cat, grey and black monkeys. Beside of the above animals, a couple of reptiles and other 60 rash of births also can be found. The condition of coral reef at this park is highly varied with unique combination and multifarious of habitats. In year 1998, it was recorded 110 kinds of coral including 22 mushroom corals and up to now, it was recorded that this park own 222 kinds of fish.

What to do at West Bali National Park ?

West Bali National Park is managed base on zone involving main zone, forest zone and exploitation zone. The main zone is absolutely protected and not allowed to change by the human activities except the research purpose. Forest Zone is the protector for Main Zone and able to do the activities like in Main Zone and limited tourism activities. Exploitation Zone able to do the activities like both zones, build the nature tourism facilities and other facilities to support the conservation. The following activities can be done by visitors when visiting this park as follows:

  • Trekking: The activities that you can do here are trekking, where you can trekking around this western Bali conservation area and see the very beautiful beauty of the flora and fauna that are still very natural and beautiful. It is suitable for those of you who want to see the forest with all the habitats that are very rare and almost extinct, here you walk around while breathing the fresh air of the forest will make the trip even more very enjoyable. See a variety of rare plants and Bali starlings that are almost extinct, roaming deer and so on, where all these animals are protected here because their habitat is threatened with extinction.
  • Snorkeling or Diving: If you really like marine life, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving in one of the most protected marine ecosystems in Indonesia, with an ecosystem that is still very natural, you can see a variety of marine life that is very beautiful, as for snorkeling or diving spots. The diving is on Menjangan Island where the habitat is unlike anywhere else in Bali. As part of the Coral Triangle, you will find many rare and exotic corals and tropical fish found nowhere else in the world. With nice clear waters and calm seas with almost no currents, diving in this region is perfect for every skill level, especially for absolute beginners.

Menjangan Islands part of West Bali National Park

The West Bali National Park is so vast that it stretches to the very beautiful Menjangan Island. Menjangan Island is a small island located on the island of Bali and is only separated by the ocean and you can get there by boat. The name of Menjangan Island is inspired by the local deer population called Menjangan here. where local deer migrate to and from Menjangan Island every year. This migration allows the deer to swim in the sea for 1.2 miles across the calm waters between Menjangan Island and the Prapat Agung Peninsula. A very extreme saint journey where crossing the ocean only to migrate with the threat of death by drowning and bad weather. Although the island strictly forbids anyone to camp overnight (as there is no accommodation anywhere on the island), there are about 16 Hindu monks living in the three temples on Menjangan Island. These three temples, as well as the mooring port, are the only man-made structures on the island. An island that is very beautiful and beautiful, if you happen to be in the west, it would be nice to visit this deer island and see firsthand the beauty that this emitted

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