Suwat Waterfall

Suwat Waterfall is Hidden Gems of Waterfall and Incomparable View Surround The Waterfall

Suwat Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Suwat Waterfall which has just been introduced, has become popular among tourists with the beauty of the waterfall and the stunning scenery around it, making this waterfall very popular among foreign and domestic tourists very quickly. With the resulting photos that are very iconic and very instagramable, it's no wonder that this Suwat Waterfall tourist destination is being hunted by photography lovers. It is still relatively quiet by visitors because it has just been used as a tourist destination for waterfalls in Gianyar Regency. For those of you who really like visiting waterfalls, it doesn't hurt if you visit this Suwat waterfall, with beautiful views and very scenic photos that will make your visit to this waterfall tour very meaningful in your life journey on the island of Bali.

All you need to know about Suwat Waterfall

Location of Suwat Waterfall

The location of Suwat Waterfall is located on Jalan Pura Dalem, Suwat Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali, 80511. If you drive from Kuta or Seminyak it will take about 1 hour 30 minutes by car or motorbike. It is a long journey to see the beauty of the Suwat Waterfall tourist destination which is very popular and very iconic in this Gianyar Regency. If you want to drive yourself, you can use the help of google maps to find this location and also at each intersection there are road signs that show the location of this waterfall. If you don't want to be confused about finding the location of this Suwat Waterfall, you can use our Hire Car and Driver services at a very cheap price and using a comfortable car with good A/C will make the trip to Suwat Waterfall very enjoyable.

History of Suwat Waterfall

The history that the writer can tell is Suwat Waterfall has existed from long time ago and is considered sacred by the local community because it is here held the Yeh Siat festival (Water War) which became a tradition from the village of Suwat which was held every year at the turn of the year. The customary village head of Suwat village took the initiative to open this Suwat waterfall to the public in the hope of increasing the economy in this Suwat village. And finally the infrastructure development at the Suwat waterfall began, by improving the access road to the waterfall which is expected that tourists can easily visit this Suwat waterfall, and the Suwat Waterfall was opened to the public in 2019 and because of covid pandemic hit the world, then suwat waterfall closed a few years and finally now reopened for tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful view of this phenomenal Suwat waterfall. If you happen to be in Gianyar Regency, it would be nice to visit one of the tourist destinations of this waterfall which is still not crowded with visitors with its very instagramable beauty and scenery that will make your day full of meaning.

Height of Suwat Waterfall

The height of the Suwat waterfall is not so high, about 15 meters from the rock cliffs, the water discharge is not so heavy but very constant, and if the rainy season the water discharge here will be large and make the scenery very beautiful. Around the waterfall there are green plants that beautify the view from this waterfall. With very clear water where the water source comes from springs in the hills, making the water very clean and natural. There is a pool under the waterfall that is not so deep you can soak in this pool and feel the freshness of this Suwat waterfall, for those of you who don't want to swim you can enjoy the scenery that is still very natural around this waterfall with very cool air. will make the atmosphere of visiting this waterfall very pleasant. You can take pictures with the background of this waterfall, with a little lighting it will make the photos very iconic

Unique Suwat Waterfall

Suwat Waterfall in addition to having a very enchanting view, Suwat waterfall also has its own characteristics that are very different from other waterfall tourist destinations which makes this waterfall very popular among tourists who love waterfalls. Waterfalls with their own uniqueness have always been an attraction for tourists who want to find something different in spending time in visiting waterfalls, besides seeing the natural beauty, they also see the uniqueness of this Suwat waterfall tourist destination. As for some of the uniqueness of the Suwat waterfall that makes it different from other waterfalls

  1. Turtle Gate: One of the unique features of this waterfall is that the entrance to the Suwat waterfall is shaped like a turtle, based on the narrative of the Suwat traditional village chief, if the shape of the turtle was taken because there used to be a lot of turtles at the Suwat waterfall. fresh water, but now it is rarely seen in waterfalls, so the Bendesa Suwat made a gate in the shape of a turtle as an icon of this Suwat waterfall. If you are lucky you might be able to see a rare water turtle at this Suwat waterfall
  2. Cave Basin: Another uniqueness is that there is a cave-like basin behind the fall of this waterfall, you can walk from the edge of the side to reach the basin and a very beautiful sensation being in this basin, it looks like you are in a cave and in a cave and in front there is a waterfall that falls, a very beautiful and instagramable sight, you can feel like in the movies where you are behind a waterfall so if you happen to be here then you can go to the basin and can take it from here
  3. Raft: Another uniqueness is that there is a raft rental facility here, where you can use a raft to enjoy the sensation of riding a raft at the Suwat waterfall which is phenomenal and very beautiful, the photos produced are very instagrammable with you on the raft with a little light adjustment will make the photos very spectacular and guaranteed to be very instagramable, so for those of you who want good photos, you can rent a raft here and take pictures on the raft
Suwat Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Suwat Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Suwat Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Pathway to Suwat Waterfall

Most waterfall tourist destination are located far from the main road, which is precisely located in the interior, so Suwat Waterfall is located a bit far from the highway, but for those of you who are nature lovers, walking is not a very significant obstacle. From the turtle gate you will walk about 20 minutes to reach the location of this waterfall, while walking you can see a very natural scenery here, with trees that are still very green which makes the atmosphere like in the forest, it's not wrong if Suwat Waterfall is called the Hidden Gems Waterfall, because of its hidden location and offers the charm of a very beautiful and enchanting waterfall. While walking along the path and stairs leading to the location you can enjoy the scenery around which is still natural. When you are close to the waterfall, you will see a stretch of waterfall scenery that welcomes you to quickly play water here. The hard work of walking pays off with this view.

What can you do at Suwat waterfall

as one of the tourist destinations for waterfalls in Gianyar and is also relatively new with its beauty and uniqueness making Suwat waterfall very popular among foreign tourists, if you happen to be on vacation in Bali and want to visit a new waterfall and not too crowded then Suwat Waterfall is a very right choice, where you can see phenomenal works of nature, fantastic with all the natural beauty around the waterfall, adding to the beauty of this waterfall, there are several things you can do in this waterfall

  1. Bathing: With very clear water at Suwat Waterfall, this place is very suitable for bathing while looking at the beauty around which is still very natural, with a splash of clear waterfalls making the body feel very fresh, here there is a dressing room if You want to change clothes after you finish soaking in this beautiful waterfall of Suwat
  2. Playing Raft: For those of you who like playing rafts made of bamboo, you can do it here, here provides a raft rental that you can use, playing rafts will remind you of your childhood when playing in the water, and very good once a photo is produced if you are on a raft and photographed, the photos are very instagramable
  3. Playing with Buoys: In addition to rafts, there is also rental of buoys made of inner tubes, an experience that may not be forgotten for you to swim in waterfalls using tire buoys, and iconic photos can be obtained when you are in the buoy. which is incredibly beautiful on a visit to this beautiful Suwat waterfall
  4. Taking pictures: Besides taking pictures at the waterfall, here is a place for photo spots that you can use with views of the unspoiled forest that will add to the beauty of the resulting photos, very suitable for those of you who want to capture the moment when visiting this iconic Suwat waterfall, In the future, a place for photo spots will be added here which is expected to make tourists feel at home

Water War Festival at Suwat Village

As for the unique tradition found in this Suwat village that might look very interesting to you, the name is the "Yeh Siat" festival which in English means "Water War" which is only found in this Suwat village, a very unique tradition. , as for the location of the water war, it is located in the yard close to the waterfall carried out by the residents of this village of Suwat which is a tradition from ancestors passed down from generation to generation. Where the water used is holy water, Before doing the Yeh Siat, the residents of the village of Suwat will pray to ask for holy water to be used in this Yeh Siat process and the holy water will be mixed it with normal water to be used for water wars, and water war activities began which were carried out by the youth from this Suwat village. Where by using a water bowl containing holy water and pouring it on the youths who participated in Yeh Siat, and they watered each other using holy water. A very unique sight to behold. The purpose of Siat Yeh is to purify the village from all negative influences, so it is hoped that the village will return to its sacredness and this tradition is held every year which falls on 1st January every year, so if you want to see this unique sight then you can visit the Suwat Village in each year at 1st January, a very beautiful sight where you see the youth of the Suwat Village preserving the traditions of the ancestors which aims to purify the village of Suwat from all negative things that can damage the residents of this Suwat village.

Water War at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Water War at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Water War at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

This water war tradition makes Suwat Village very unique, and this tradition is very interesting for tourists who want to see or participate in this Yeh Siat activity. An experience that is very valuable to see a very unique tradition, besides seeing the beauty of the Suwat waterfall, you can see the uniqueness of the Yeh Siat tradition in this Suwat village. Being one of the tourist attractions that you can see besides visiting this Suwat waterfall, and this water war does not happen every day, because it only takes place once a year, namely right at the turn of the year at the beginning of the month on the 1st, so if by chance on that date you visit the suwat waterfall it would be nice if you visit the village of suwat which is located not far from this waterfall, to see the uniqueness of this Water War tradition which is a hereditary tradition as a procession to purify the village with holy water

Cleansing with Holy Water at Suwat Village

What is more interesting, which is located close to Suwat Waterfall, is Penglukatan Siwa Melah Angge, which is not far from the location of this Suwat waterfall, if you have visited Suwat Waterfall, you can visit holy water in this Suwat village. This Penglukatan has existed here since ancient times, and is used by the local community to perform self-purification by using water sourced from the springs here. This Penglukatan function is to purify oneself spiritually by using blessed holy water, by doing this it is hoped that the negative energy in the body will be lost and it is believed that doing this worship in this place is believed to cure diseases in the body. A place that is very suitable for those of you who want to experience a cleansing ritual similar to the one found at Tirta Empul Temple, you can do it here at Penglukatan Siwa Melah Angge

Panglukatan Siwa Melah Angge at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Panglukatan Siwa Melah Angge at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Panglukatan Siwa Melah Angge at Suwat Village | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Here there is a big statue of Lord Shiva and sacred by the local people in Suwat Village, which is believed that Lord Shiva will bless all who come to do the worship for cleansing and is also a form of our respect to Lord Shiva as the melting pot of all bad and negative things in the universe. There is 9 main showers for cleansing and 36 supporting showers for cleansing. Which has a deep meaning, namely the 9 main showers for the panglukatan or purifying, each symbolic for Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, and 7 nymphs who bring down water to the world. Panglukatan Siwa Melah Angge can be used by all people in Bali as well as foreign and domestic tourists who want to do physical and mental cleansing in this place. As for the area of ​​the worship place, it is quite large so that it can accommodate many people who want to carry out a spiritual cleansing procession in this village of Suwat. It was a very memorable experience to visit Suwat Waterfall and perform a cleansing ritual at the Holy Water here

Facilities Suwat Waterfall

The facilities at Suwat Waterfall are very complete, although they are still very new to be introduced, but the facilities to accommodate tourists who visit are very complete, while Suwat Waterfall is managed by a local village, namely Suwat Village. There is a very large parking area so you don't have to worry about parking your vehicle anymore, there is a ticket booth to go to the waterfall with a turtle gate which is very unique, at the location of the waterfall there is a changing room for those of you who want to swim and play water here you can change clothes here, there is a toilet that you can use and there is also a small shop that sells cold drinks to quench your thirst. In the future, various facilities will be added that will pamper guests when visiting this very beautiful waterfall. A very complete supporting facility for us and will make tourists feel very comfortable if they are in this Suwat waterfall

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