Sumampan Waterfall

Sumampan Waterfall is Hidden Gems of Waterfall and Beautiful Scenery Surround at Sukawati Village

Sumampan Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

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Sumampan Waterfall is a very beautiful natural waterfall destination with the uniqueness and beauty of the surrounding natural panorama making it quickly popular among foreign and domestic tourists. A waterfall whose location is very hidden where it is still very natural and not so crowded by tourists, with the beauty it has to offer, soon this Sumampan waterfall tourist destination will become very crowded. With a location that is very far inland with access on foot which is quite far, you have to walk which is quite tiring to reach the location of this waterfall, while walking you can see the beauty of this hidden gems waterfall. A very beautiful experience in enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfall on this beloved island of Bali, with a cool atmosphere and a very natural surrounding environment that makes the adventure very exciting.

All you need to know about Sumampan Waterfall

Location of Sumampan Waterfall

The location of the sumampan waterfall is located in Kemenuh Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, which if you travel from Kuta or Seminyak it will take about 1.30 minutes to travel by car or motorbike. Gianyars Regency always surprises us with a very beautiful tourist destination, the location of the Sumampan waterfall is located not far from Tegenungan Waterfall which is also very famous among foreign and domestic tourists and is never deserted by tourists visiting the area. fortune telling. If you want to visit Sumampan waterfall, we from Bali Tour prepare Hire Car and Driver transportation to get here with cheap transportation prices and also very satisfying service making the trip to the waterfall location very enjoyable. Accompanied by a friendly and experienced driver will make traveling in a car full of excitement, so what are you waiting for, visit this sumampan waterfall with us

Height of Sumampan Waterfall

The charm of the beauty of the waterfall has always been the target of waterfall tourism lovers, as well as this Sumampan waterfall, with a location that is not in the highlands but in the lowlands, precisely in Gianyar, where there are many tourist destinations close to this Sumampan waterfall. With the height of the waterfall which is estimated to be around 15 meters with a large water discharge, this waterfall looks very beautiful, around the waterfall there are green and shady trees that will spoil your eyes to see this incomparable natural beauty. With a height of 15 meters, the falling water makes a very melodious sound to hear, and will make you truly fascinated when you first see this Sumampan waterfall. A very beautiful experience where to feel the rare natural wonders to see the water fall from above beautifully, a sensation that may not be forgotten by those of you who happen to visit this sumampan waterfall

Artificial Sumampam Waterfall

As for the Sumampan Waterfall, this waterfall is not purely natural, but comes from water sources that fall from irrigation or rice fields around this area, although it was accidentally made like this, it makes this place very popular and very instagramable, maybe in the future. in the future it will be arranged even better, so as to make the scenery more attractive and beautiful to the eye, with clear water making this place very beautiful. As for the height of 15 meters, this used to be a place for rock solids, and many rock seekers here are dredging this place so that it turns into a cliff that has a height of 15 meters which makes water droplets fall sound very melodious so that it will make you stunned by the beauty from this waterfall sumampam. Although not purely natural, but the creation of this waterfall was not intentional, so that it makes it what it is today, it looks very beautiful and is very suitable to be used as a background for your Instagram photos.

The Uniqueness of Sumampan Waterfall

Waterfall tourist destinations always have their own characteristics that make them different between waterfall tourist destinations, from the various uniqueness found in waterfall tourism such as the highest waterfall, namely Sekumpul Waterfall and waterfalls that form pools such as the Infinity rock pool at Gembleng Waterfall. Likewise, Sumampan waterfall has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other waterfall tourist destinations, this is what makes the Sumampan waterfall increasingly attractive to tourists who are thirsty for the beauty of the stunning waterfall view, as for the uniqueness of the waterfall. The sumampan that the author can tell is as follows:

  1. Beautiful plants, in the sumampan waterfall around the waterfall there are very green plants and beautify the scenery from this waterfall, with the green expanse around the waterfall will spoil your eyes to see it linger, a very beautiful sight , maybe you can't find it in urban areas, here with the air that is still very natural, it adds to the excitement of walking around the waterfall which will gradually become famous like other waterfalls in this Kemenuh village. If you come here you will see this waterfall decorated naturally by the surrounding plants which makes the scenery very instagramable.
  2. Stone Carving, the location of this waterfall is located in a search for batu padas, and here there are many carving stones that decorate along the way to the location of the waterfall, with certain carving patterns that are characteristic of Gianyar Regency which is the center of art in Bali. , you can see stone carvings that are different from one another, while this stone carving was deliberately carved by a stone carving artist named Nyoman Retana in 2018 with the aim of adding to the beauty of this waterfall and to make it look unique from other waterfalls located on the island of Bali.
  3. Instagramable, as for the other uniqueness, this place is very instagramable if used as a background for your photos, with views of the plants around the waterfall whose leaf roots dangle around the waterfall will give a very natural and natural impression, for those of you photo lovers then You shouldn't miss this sumampan waterfall at all, the scenery around is also so enchanting that it will look like you are in a forest with a clear river and also a clear waterfall that will add to the excitement of instagram photo tours at this beautiful sumampan waterfall
Sumampan Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Sumampan Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Sumampan Waterfall | Gianyar Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

The Beauty of Sumampan Waterfall

As for the Sumampan waterfall, it is not crowded with visitors, and it is still quiet, so it will make you free to visit this waterfall, while the Sumampan waterfall comes from irrigation of rice fields from local residents and is only suitable for playing water, with carving stones. what is around this waterfall really adds to the beauty of this Sumampan waterfall tour, looks very ancient with natural scenery around which is still natural and very beautiful, the location is far from the city crowd and makes this location quiet and natural, sounds a lot The sound of chirping birds welcomes you to see the beauty of this waterfall, the sound of the waterfall falling as if calling you to come closer and play with the clear water here. A phenomenal sensation for those of you who are nature lovers by seeing the beauty of this very natural and beautiful waterfall

Pathway to Sumampan Waterfall

Like other waterfalls where the location is located in the interior and requires extra stamina to walk to the location and enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer, so is the sumampan waterfall, from the ticket booth you will walk down the stairs that are here, while looking at the natural scenery at the top of the waterfall. The surroundings are still very natural, there are many green trees, and rice fields from local residents here. The cool air will accompany your trip to the Sumampan waterfall location. for those of you who are lovers of waterfall tourism, obstacles such as walking will not be a big obstacle for you because it is very worth the result, where you will see a very enchanting view that will add value to your life journey in visiting the natural attractions of the Sumampan waterfall this. In addition, on the way you will see some stones carved with Balinese patterns which will make the trip not tiring, but very fun. Arriving at the waterfall you will see a waterfall decorated with beautiful green plants that will relieve your tiredness.

Facilities at Sumampan Waterfall

The facilities at the Sumampan Waterfall are already complete, even though they are only recently famous, it is hoped that in the future they will make the facilities very complete which will make tourists feel very comfortable to visit this Sumampan waterfall tourist destination. there is a parking area that you can use to park your vehicle, so you don't need to be confused anymore to find a parking space for your vehicle, there are local shops that sell snacks and cold drinks that you can buy here if you feel thirsty. A facility that makes tourists do not hesitate to visit here. So if you are on vacation in Bali, it would be nice to visit this Sumampan waterfall, besides being new and not crowded it will make the atmosphere of visiting a very pleasant one. Welcome to the sumampan waterfall and enjoy the incomparably beautiful scenery around this phenomenal waterfall

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