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Bali Medewi Beach is a beautiful rocky beach situated in west part of Bali Island which is favored by the great and long swell wave that is suitable for surf adventures. The beach is quite far from Denpasar City has been famous and many visited by local tourist including surfers from both foreign country and local. This beach is also appointed as one of the best surf points in Bali which is many demanded by surfers because of the characteristic of it wave. Medewi Beach is a panoramic beach with peaceful atmosphere and sea breeze flows to cover the entire sea shore that makes it as an ideal place for relaxation. Besides being in demand by surfing fans, Medewi Beach is also in great demand by sunset lovers, here you can clearly see the sunset beautifully. The spectacular of sunset view is mostly presented every day that creates the romantic nuance and a fascination for tourist to visit this place.

If you visit Medewi Beach, here all you need to know

Location Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is located in Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency and Bali Province – Indonesia. This beach can be reached by any vehicles because it is favored by the good access and strategic location which is just beside of the main street from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Harbour. It is just need 2,5 hours from Denpasar City or 3 hours from Denpasar Aiport. It's a very long journey, but for those of you who really like surfing, this won't be an obstacle for you. Because here the waves are very big and perfect for surfing and you can freely use your surfing style. If you are confused about getting here, we from Bali Tour offer transportation to get here, at very pocket-friendly prices and very satisfying service.

History of Medewi Beach

As for the narrative of local residents, if in the past this Medewi beach was a ketket forest or fire tree. And what is meant by a fire tree is a type of plant that has many thorns and in Balinese this tree is called meduwi. After the ketket forest was opened to be used as a location for residential settlements, many people came and lived in this area, and with the increasing number of residents who settled, naturally the villagers named their environment as Meduwi Village, which means thorny village. The original inhabitants of this meduwi village are immigrants from Air Kuning Village, Negara Sub-district, then followed by other community groups, specifically residents from Loloan Negara District and Mendoyo people from Mendoyo District. And as time progressed, slowly the villagers gave the name of this village with a twist to medewi, so the name Medewi Village is known until now.

What You Can do at Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach has always been a prima donna for foreign tourists who want to find fun in beach activities, and is always crowded with tourists who want to test their adrenaline in beach activities such as surfing. Where in the morning and evening you can see many tourists and local people surfing in this place. As for what you can see and do on Medewi Beach,

  1. Surfing: As you know that Medewi beach has its own characteristics in its waves where, the waves are quite large compared to other beaches. With big waves, it will certainly add to the sensation of doing this surfing activity and will make your days full of excitement. Because the waves are big you should be careful to prevent things that are not desirable from happening.
  2. Rice fields: The unique thing on this medewei beach is the rice fields, where near the beach there is a very wide expanse of rice fields and plots, with green rice fields making the scenery very natural and beautiful, and will make you feel at home for long at this location. It's very unique, isn't it, where in front of Medewi beach there is a very wide expanse of rice fields
  3. Sunset : Seeing the sunset from Medewi beach is very beautiful, where you can see the sun slowly descending and disappearing into the ocean, with faint colors it will create a beautiful view that is incomparable, for those of you who like sunsets it would be nice if you enjoy the view from this medewi beach
  4. Photography : if you like photography, this Medewi beach object is perfect for you, which presents a complete and perfect photo object, where there are rice fields on the beach, lots of people surfing on the beach and also the beauty of the sunset here. everyone can see how amazing the sunset at this medewi beach is
  5. Relax: As for this place you can relax, where there are hotels near the beach that provide swimming facilities and restaurants that you can visit and relax here while looking at the old beauty of the beach and seeing the activities of people surfing here, the sensation is really very tempting you can go here just to see the phenomenal view of akama
Medewi Beach | Rocky Beach in West Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Medewi Beach | Rocky Beach in West Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Medewi Beach | Rocky Beach in West Bali | Bali Golden Tour

Medewi Beach is Rocky Beach

As for medewi beach, it's not too wide, the beach is small and it's not very crowded here, only those who really like surfing come here, considering the distance is very far away. As for this beach, it has a different beach contour, where next to the beach there is no sand but pebbles and small rocks and next to it there are no rocks, only sand. And the sand on this medewi beach is black, not suitable for sunbathing here, because the beach is a bit rocky. But near the beach there are several hotels that you can rent just to sunbathe near the pool in the hotel or just to enjoy the view on Medewi beach from the hotel restaurant here, the view is very amazing to see the beach is so beautiful in the West the island of Bali

Best Month for Surfing at Medewi Beach

A surf location that is perfect for you surf lovers, but each beach has its own season, where the waves are not every day will be good, sometimes the waves can be small and too big, this is due to unsuitable seasons such as changes in wind direction and also the rainy season will make the waves are not good for surfing.The best season for surfing at Medewi Beach is on dry season because the wind flows from the east to the west that creates the big and fat wave that is ideally for surfing adventures. On this season, the wave is usually own bog power that is suitable to go for surfing. If you want to go to Medewi Beach, please see the weather forecast first, because the location of Medewi Beach is a bit far, so you don't lose here but can't surf due to unfavorable weather. Enjoy surfing at Medewi Beach with waves that are very suitable for surfing style will make your hobby channeled on this fantastic Medewi beach

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