Bali Les Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Bali Les Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest to visit waterfall tourist attraction located in Tejakula village, Buleleng Regency. For those of you who are lovers of waterfall tourism, eating this les waterfall attraction is suitable as a choice of destinations in completing your adventure on the island of Bali. The island of Bali has many beautiful natural attractions, especially in the northern area of ​​the island of Bali, where there are many waterfall tours that you can visit. With unspoiled and beautiful natural scenery, it will add to the artistic value of this tourist attraction, located on a plateau that has fresh air, which will make the trip even more enjoyable.

Bali Les Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Like other waterfall attractions in the highlands, where to reach the location you need very good stamina, because it is located in the interior and access to it is via a winding path and down the stairs here. For those of you who are lovers of trekking and nature tourism, the problem of access to remote locations will not be an obstacle for you to admire this very beautiful work of God. On the path, you will pass the local people's plantation, see the view of the still green trees on the left and right of the path. So close to the location, you will be able to hear the gurgling sound of a waterfall from a distance that seems to call you to speed up your steps. The view of the waterfall from a distance is very beautiful and spoils the eyes of visitors.

Les Waterfall is often referred by name Yeh Mampeh by the local community, where the word Yeh Mampeh means water that flies high, because the water that falls from above to the bottom looks like it is flying. The height of the Les waterfall is about 30 meters with very clear fresh water flowing in the waterfall, the cliffs of the waterfall are overgrown with green tropical plants, as if to complete the amazing view of this les waterfall. Below the waterfall there is a water pool where the waterfall falls down, here you can do swimming activities in the pool, while swimming while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the Les waterfall. For those of you who don't like swimming, you can sit on the rocks in the waterfall while enjoying the beautiful scenery around this incomparably beautiful waterfall. You can also take selfies here with this les waterfall background.

Around this waterfall there is a spring called Toya Anakan, which is designated as a place for taking holy water for the local community which is used for yadnya ceremonies for Hindus who are located in the local village, therefore the local people maintain their sanctity, purity and sustainability. Before they take the holy water found in Toya Anakan, usually local residents will prepare various offerings in advance as a sign to take and purify the water. For visitors who visit this les waterfall attraction, we recommend that you always maintain cleanliness in this place. Natural scenery with various green trees, plus the cool air mixed with fresh dew is guaranteed to refresh your body and soul.

We from Bali Tour are willing to take you to visit the Les Waterfall tourist attraction with a private car with good A/C, an experienced English speaking driver and also with fuel oil. The prices we offer are very affordable with very satisfying service. Les waterfall is suitable to be visited in all seasons, because the water discharge will not change during the dry season because it is located in a highland area where there are springs that come from the mountains. If the rainy season the path leading to the location is rather slippery, we recommend wearing suitable footwear for slippery roads. Enjoy your adventure on the island of Bali by visiting one of the most beautiful waterfall attractions.

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