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Jembong Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which is a very beautiful waterfall tourist attraction and is located in Ambengan village, Buleleng Regency. For those of you who are lovers of waterfall tourism, then this one object can be used as an option to fulfill your adventure desires on the island of Bali. For those who want to visit natural attractions, we recommend visiting the northern area of ​​the island of Bali, because there are still natural, natural and many choices of natural attractions that you can visit, because it is located on a highland with cool air and the surrounding scenery with lots of green trees. make the atmosphere even more fun. Jembong Waterfall can be one of the natural tourist destinations that tourists should visit because its charm is no less beautiful than other waterfall destinations.

Bali Jembong Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Access to the Jembong Waterfall is quite easy, where you will go through a 200 meter long path and after that you will be given the choice of a path to get to the main location of the waterfall, namely choosing a smooth path to the waterfall or going down the stairs to get to the main location of the waterfall. Suitable for those of you who like trekking adventures, where while along the path to the waterfall, you can see unspoiled scenery on the left and right of the path. Enjoy the breath of fresh air in this place will make blood circulation smooth and help relieve stress in your mind. The adventure along the trail will pay off after you see the view of the waterfall from a distance, where the sound of gurgling water can be heard in the distance that seems to call you to speed up the steps to the Jembong waterfall.

Jembong Waterfall has two levels, where the first level is about 15 meters high with very clear water and there is a water storage pool on the first level, which is about one meter deep. The uniqueness of the slope angle of the rock cliffs here is about 75 degrees with stone steps, so that the water does not immediately fall down, but instead drops through the sloping rock and the water spreads to the right and left and falls in a water reservoir on the first level. Likewise with the second level waterfall, which has almost the same height and shape, and there is also a water storage pool on the second level. The water is clear and crystal clear feels so fresh. There is a wooden bridge that leads to the Jembong waterfall, as if to add to the beauty of this waterfall attraction

Apart from the view of the waterfall, there is also a garden which is neatly arranged so that it makes the view even more beautiful. A garden full of colorful flowers complements the beauty of this Jembong Waterfall. Jembong waterfall also has three pools with clear water. These three pools have different depths, namely two pools for children with a depth ranging from 60 cm, 80 cm respectively, and one adult pool with a depth of up to 110 cm. These three pools, apart from functioning as a dip and playing water for visitors, are also often used for selfie spots. You can relax your body by soaking or swimming in the pool. The scent of the cool air and fresh water really makes you calm and comfortable. This place is also equipped with changing room facilities as well as toilets and a canteen that sell various snacks that you can buy at a price that is not so expensive.

Jembong Waterfall is the only waterfall with a unique concept where the tourist attraction of this waterfall is really well organized by the manager. When they reach the location, tourists are greeted by a beautiful garden planted with ornamental plants. We from Bali Tour are always ready to take you to the Jembong waterfall tourist attraction, by using a private car, an experienced English speaking driver and fuel oil. The prices we offer are very cheap and with very satisfying service. For those of you who want to try new sensations in filling your vacation on the island of Bali, you can try to visit the Jembong waterfall tourist attraction located in Ambengan, Buleleng, Bali.

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