Balinese Hindu Galungan Ceremony is a sacred ceremony that gives spiritual strength to be able to distinguish between life force coming from adharma and which budhi atma is the voice of truth (dharma). It also gives the ability to discern giant orientation (asura sampad) and orientation of God (god sampad). It must be realized that life is happy or emo life has the ability to master the giant orientation.


Galungan Ceremony is also one of the Hindu religious ceremony to remind people ritually and spiritually in order to always win the Goddess Sampad to uphold dharma against adharma. In the lontar Sunarigama, Galungan and details of the ceremony are described in detail. Regarding the meaning of the ejection Sunarigama Galungan is described as follows:

Budha Kliwon Dungulan Ngaran Galungan patitis ikang janyana samadhi, galang apadang maryakena sarwa byapaning idep : Meaning: Wednesday PON ( Balinese calendar ) Dungulan name Galungan, the only spiritual high point in order to get a clear view to eliminate any clutter the mind.
Thus, the core Galungan is uniting spiritual strength in order to get a clear mind and establishment. Spiritual union and the bright minds here in the form of dharma. While all the chaos that thought (byaparaning idep) is a form of adharma.

Galungan Ceremony Concept

From conception ejection is obtained Sunarigama conclusion that the nature of Galungan is celebrating the winning of dharma against adharma. To win dharma was a series of activities were carried out before and after Galungan :

  • Before Galungan is called Sugihan Java and Sugihan Bali. The word here is similar to Java in Jaba, meaning outside.
    • Sugihan Java : Meaningful purify Bauan Agung (earth) outside of humans. Sugihan Java celebrated on Wrhaspati Wage Wuku sungsang, six days before Galungan.In the lontar Sundarigama mentioned that on the day it is Sugihan Java Pasucian kalinggania all god pamrastista(sanctifying God, because it was a purification of all Lord). Implementation of this ceremony is to cleanse all places and equipment ceremony at each shrine. Meanwhile on Friday Kliwon Wuku sungsang mentioned: Kalinggania amretista raga tawulan (therefore purify the body, respectively).
    • Sugihan Bali : Mentioned purify themselves. Bali word in Sanskrit means the power is within. And that is purified.
  • In Redite Paing Wuku Dungulan told the Kala Tiga Wisesa down annoying people. So on that day is recommended anyekung Jnana, means: silencing the mind to be entered by Butha Galungan. In the lontar was also mentioned nirmalakena (those whose minds are always pure) will not be entered by Butha Galungan.
  • On Monday Pon Dungulan called Penyajaan Galungan. On this day people who know about yoga and samadhi worship. In the lontar stated, "Pangastawaning ngamong yoga samadhi."
  • On the day mentioned Anggara Wage wuku Dungulan Penampahan Galungan. On this day regarded as a day to beat Butha Galungan with the main ceremony is to make offerings byakala called pamyakala lara melaradan. Most of the people today as a sacrificial animal slaughter pigs. But the real meaning is should kill animalistic traits that exist in themselves. Similarly, the order of the ceremony that preceded Galungan.
  • After Galungan is Thursday Umanis wuku Dungulan called Manis Galungan. On this day people remember how wonderful victory of dharma. The people in general symbolize joy to visit places of entertainment, especially the beautiful panorama. Also while visiting relatives.
  • The next day was Saturday Pon Dungulan called Guru Pemaridan day. On this day, symbolized the gods returned to heaven and leave the gift in the form of kadirghayusaan is living a long healthy life. On this day people are encouraged cymbals deliver to meraka and matirta gocara. Barmakna ceremony, people enjoy waranugraha Gods.
  • On Friday Wage called Penampahan Kuningan. In the lontar Sundarigama not mentioned ceremony must take place. Only recommended spiritual activities in the lontar Sapuhakena malaning jnyana (destroy defilements of mind).
  • The next day, Saturday PON called Kuningan. In the lontar Sundarigama mentioned, ceremonial offerings are implemented should be in the morning and past noon ceremony. Why? Since the middle of the day the gods and god Pitara "told" go back to Swarga (dewa nut mwah maring Swarga).
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