Bunut Bolong is a giant tree that is very old and is sanctified by the locals with the uniqueness that in the middle of the tree there is a hole or aisle whose diameter can be used for passing vehicles and is located on the road, where to go to this village we will through this tree and through this tree from under it. Local people believe that this tree is centuries old which they can see from the very old tree structure and this tree has been around for generations of local residents living around this bunut bolong tree. A natural phenomenon that you must visit while on vacation in Bali and see the uniqueness of this very unique and very beautiful bunut bolong tree.

If you visit Bunut Bolong Bali, here all you need to know

Location Bunut Bolong

The location of the bolong-in tree is located in the village of Manggisari, Jembrana district. The location is located in the western part of the island of Bali, quite far if you depart from Denpasar or Kuta which takes about 3 hours drive, if you come here it would be nice to also visit tourist destinations in the western area such as Rambut Siwi Temple, which is a sacred temple located in in front of the beach and thick with a religious aura or visit the Dharma Giri Monastery which has a very beautiful and very beautiful Sleeping Buddha statue. Bunut Bolong is a natural wonder that you may rarely find, if you don't want to be busy driving yourself to get to this location, we from Bali Tour offer Bali Car Charter transportation services that you can use to visit this Bunut Bolong tourist destination, at a price very cheap and very satisfying service and accompanied by an experienced and very friendly driver will make the trip to this bunut bolong tourist destination very enjoyable

Meaning Name Bunut Bolong

The meaning of the name "Bunut Bolong" is "Bunut tree with Hole", where for the word "Bunut" is a certain type of tree that has very similar characteristics to a banyan tree, and the word "Bolong" means a hole. The whole word can mean the Bunut Tree which has a hole in it. At first glance, if you hear the word bunut bolong tree, you will definitely think about where the bunut tree has a hole in it. Bunut tree is a tree that is classified as very rare and can only grow in certain areas and also where this bunut tree has similarities to a banyan tree where the roots hang from the tree to touch the ground directly and become a new trunk accompanied by indentations - beautiful curves and very charming. This bunut bolong tree is very sacred by the local community and is considered a sacred tree that will protect them from all negative things that will enter the village, so if you visit this bunut bolong tree, it is expected to maintain good manners when you are here

Bunut Bolong Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Bunut Bolong Bali | Bali Golden Tour
Bunut Bolong Bali | Bali Golden Tour

The Uniqueness of Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong is a tree that is quite tall and wide enough, and it is estimated that this tree has existed since ancient times, where it is known that the growth of a bunut tree to reach this height takes a very long time. The uniqueness of this bunut bolong is in the hole in this tree with tree roots dangling to the ground, making the tree look very old and beautiful to the eye. Besides that, its uniqueness is in the hole where under the hole there is a road that penetrates the tree whose diameter can allow vehicles to pass freely, seen from a distance as if straddling a paved road that is between its two halves, if you come here you can pass this hole and feel the religious aura that is in this bunut tree, a natural phenomenon that is very amazing where the bunut tree has a hole in it and there is an access road in a hole that looks like a passageway. If you are traveling to the western area of ​​​​the island of Bali, this tourist destination is very worth visiting with all its own uniqueness making the Bunut Bolong tourist destination special in the hearts of tourists.

Myth of Bunut Bolong

Besides having a uniqueness with a hole whose diameter can be passed by a car and standing tall with large roots, it looks from a distance like a human foot setting foot on the left and right with a hole in the middle. The myth of the bunut bolong tree is based on the story of the local community, where in 1928 the village here contracted a deadly disease, and village elders meditated on this bunut bolong tree to ask for directions and finally get spiritual instructions to move their residence which was located at north side of the bunut bolong tree moved to the south of the bunut bolong and miraculously the deadly disease in the village subsided, because of this incident the local people believe that this Bunut Bolong tree has a strong aura and magical power so that it is still preserved and guarded by the local people here

Taboos of Bunut Bolong

In addition to mystical stories that are believed by local residents, the bunut bolong tree is also believed to have taboos that should not be violated because it will bring unwanted things. Where these taboos are not allowed to be passed by the bride and groom who will go to this bunut bolong because it is believed that their marriage will be canceled if they go through this bunut bolong tree, it is hoped that through an alternative road so they do not pass through the bunut bolong, they cannot be passed by the corpse car and the ceremonial procession have to go through an alternative path that is next to the tree. Those are some taboos that are believed by local people who live around this bunut bolong. With a thick magical and spiritual aura, this Bunut Bolong tourist destination is worth a visit to see firsthand its uniqueness

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