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Blemantung Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which offers waterfall tours located in Pujungan village, Pupuan, Tabanan Regency with unspoiled natural scenery, green trees, fresh air will make the adventure to this waterfall tour even more enjoyable. Tabanan city besides cultural tourism objects, there are also many natural attractions that are no less beautiful than tourist objects in other districts. If you hear the city of Tabanan, maybe the tourist attraction that comes to your head is Tanah Lot Temple, besides that Tabanan Regency has a waterfall tourist attraction that is no less beautiful than waterfall attractions found in other places, which is Blemantung Waterfall.

Bali Blemantung Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

As with waterfall attractions in remote areas, so is the Blemantung waterfall in remote areas and access to it is via winding paths and through local community plantations, where the people here mostly garden like coffee and cloves, because this area is located on a plain. high with cool and cold air, coffee and clove plants can grow sumbur. While seeing the most amazing views on the left and right of the path, breathing the fresh air will make blood circulation smooth and reduce fatigue in your mind. For those of you who like trekking adventures, walking along the trail will not be an obstacle for you.

Feeling tired and tired after wading the steep path will pay off after seeing the view of the Blemantung waterfall from a distance, the sound of gurgling water falling into the pool below seems to call you to immediately step into the location. With the surrounding scenery which is still in shades of green because there are many trees that thrive here and produce fresh air that will make the body fresh. This Blemantung waterfall is hidden behind a cliff, its nature is completely unspoiled, no buildings can be seen, let alone houses, only a gazebo, a resting place which is quite outdated, indicating that this tourist attraction in Bali is still rarely visited.

The height of the Blemantung waterfall tourist attraction is about 50 meters with a water flow that is not so heavy. Below the waterfall there is a pool of water, which is not very deep, not suitable for swimming, but suitable for bathing or just dipping water into the pool. The water of the waterfall comes from springs in the mountains that are still natural and beautiful. With its lonely, calm and peaceful nature, it can drown all the boredom of your heart and the stuffiness of your mind. You can sit on the rock that is in this waterfall and take a photo against the background of this waterfall. For those of you who are lovers of waterfall tours, then don't miss to visit this Blemantung waterfall attraction.

The beauty that is presented by the Blemantung waterfall is indeed able to provide a different color when traveling, such as a trip down the path and steps to the location, crossing the residents' plantations into a light trekking experience for you. Soaking in the blemantung waterfall pool with fresh water from the mountains is a very different sensation in filling a holiday in Bali. We from Bali Tour are always ready to take you to visit Blemantung waterfall, with low price and satisfying service. The beauty of the Blemantung waterfall will complement your adventure during your vacation on the island of Bali

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