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Bali Elephant Back Safari Ride Packages is part of Bali Safari and Marine Park is an experience that will probably make history in the course of your life and is guaranteed to last forever, as the world's largest land mammal takes you on an exciting journey around the park's African-themed environment, guided by professional elephant guides will make this 30 minute trip very enjoyable, enjoy the feel of being in Africa and see the tame and cute animals along the tracks of this elephant back safari. Enjoy every moment of shaking when the elephant sets foot to walk, enjoy the sound of the elephant when it calls and see the elephant's trunk swaying to and fro when walking, this is an unforgettable moment, where you can see the beauty of the park which is designed in such a way like nature. is in Africa from the top of this Sumatran elephant. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our authentic setting and enjoy the opportunity to interact with a number of other free-roaming African animals.

Elephant Species

Surely some of you already know the shape of an elephant, with its characteristic long trunk, large body making it easy to recognize. But did you know that there are different types of elephants in the world, namely the Asian Elephant and the African Elephant, while the differences can be seen from the size of the body, ears and tusks. Where the Asian elephant has a smaller body, round ears. Very different from the African elephant which has a large body and round and large ears. And another difference, Asian elephants sometimes have smaller tusks and some even have no tusks at all. That is a very striking difference between the Asian elephant species and the African elephant, where we can see that the Asian elephant is smaller than the African elephant. In terms of food, they are both herbivores, namely eating plants.

Sumatran Elephant

Indonesia has a species of elephant that only exists in Indonesia, namely the Sumatran elephant, where the Sumatran elephant is a sub-species of the Asian elephant, where this animal is endemic to the island of Sumatra, meaning its natural habitat is only spread on the island of Sumatra, and its weight can reach up to 6 tons and with a height of up to 3.5 meters. The Sumatran elephants live very in groups, because by living in groups, they can avoid lurking predators and elephants are very careful about their children from predators who want to target themwhere. In one group there can be four to five elephants. Elephants are intelligent and very intelligent animals, elephants have good long-term memory and they are able to remember the faces of humans who have spent time with them, they can also remember the places they visited even just once.

Sumatran Elephant Population

Now the Sumatran elephant population is threatened with extinction, due to rampant deforestation and poaching that hunts elephants and sells their tusks, although it has been banned by the government, there are still people who hunt elephants for their tusks. And this illegal hunting since 2021 has caused the Sumatran elephant's habitat to continue to decrease. The loss of their habitat continues to threaten the population which leads to the extinction of the species. In Bali safari and marine park conservation is carried out to preserve this Sumatran elephant species, you can participate by visiting this Bali Safari and Marine Park. By visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park, you have helped to preserve this native Indonesian species

Elephant Back Safari Ride Program

In addition to the Elephant Back safari, you can do other activities contained in this Elephant Back Safari package, first you will do a safari journey where you will be invited to tour the park using a specially designed tram car, and see the natural beauty and animals that are made similar to the atmosphere of africa, the guide will explain all kinds of animals that we will see in this car, proceed to the show venue to see the tiger show or better known as the tiger, enjoy the show that was delivered very nicely by the performers, proceed to the place elephant show to see the elephant show with full entertainment so you will not be bored to see it, proceed to the animal show to see animal shows and see the intelligence of this animal, continue to elephant park to enjoy a 30-minute elephant ride tour around the park specially designed for looks like a garden in africa, a sensation that means a lot even if it's brief will always remain in your heart, in between time you can spend time in this park like playing in the water in the water park or just seeing the beauty of this Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Enjoy Elephant Back Safari at Bali Safari and Marine Park with us

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Safari Journey

Tiger Show | Elephant Back Safari Ride | Bali Golden Tour

Harimau Presentation

Elephant Show | Elephant Back Safari Ride | Bali Golden Tour

Elephant Presentation

Animal Show | Elephant Back Safari Ride | Bali Golden Tour

Animal Presentation

Elephant Ride | Elephant Back Safari Ride | Bali Golden Tour

Elephant Ride

Elephant Back Safari Packages Itinerary : 

  • 08.30 - Pick up at your hotel
  • 10.00 - Enjoy Elephant Back Safari Ride Program at Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • 17.00 - Back to your hotel
  • 18.30 - Arrive at your hotel

Elephant Back Safari Packages Price :

  • Adult : IDR 1,250,000 /person
  • Children ( 3-12 ) : IDR 1,000,000/person
  • Toddler ( 0-2 ) : Free

Note :

  • Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
  • Additional return hotel transfer from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Tanjung Benoa Area ( minimum 2 person/trip ) : IDR 475,000,000/car

Elephant Back Safari Packages Price Include :

  • Unlimited Safari Journey
  • Express Line for Safari Journey
  • Animals Presentation
  • Harimau Presentation
  • Elephant Presentation
  • 1x Photo with Animal
  • Elephant Ride 30 Minutes
  • Souvenir
  • Tax included

Note :

  • The packages doesnt include Lunch


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