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Bali Dragon Packages is part of Bali Safari and Marine Park program for you to enjoy and more know about dragon komodo animal and see other amazing and beautiful animal in the park. Our driver will pick up you at your hotel and directly go to Bali Safari and Marine Park for enjoy dragon program featured in this packages, encounter with amazing and beautiful animal, having lunch at best restaurant in the park. After finish the program we drop you back to your hotel with bring an awesome experience in this Dragon Packages. Your Dragon ticket immerses you in a fun and educational adventure at Bali Safari – home to hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species. Your experience will include seeing rare and endangered species, such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah bird. 

Komodo Dragon Species

Komodo or by another name Komodo Dragon is one of the largest lizard species in the world that lives on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, Gili Dasami in Nusa Tenggara. The Komodo dragon is named by the name Ora by the locals here. Including members of the monitor lizard family Varanidae, and the clade Toxicofera, the Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world, with an average length of 2-3 m. This large size is related to the phenomenon of island gigantism, namely the tendency to giant the bodies of certain animals that live on small islands related to the absence of carnivorous mammals on the island where Komodo dragons live, and the Komodo dragon's small metabolic rate. Because of its large body, this lizard dominates the position of the apex predator that dominates the ecosystem in which it lives.

Komodo Dragon Conservation

Komodo Dragons were first discovered by western researchers in 1910. Their large bodies and terrible reputation make them popular in zoos. The habitat of Komodo dragons in the open world has completely dwindled due to human activities and so the IUCN includes the Komodo dragon as a species that is vulnerable to extinction. This majestic monitor lizard is now protected under Indonesian government regulations. To protect this endangered Komodo dragon species, the Komodo National Park was established which aims to protect Komodo dragons from becoming extinct. Although the Komodo dragon is listed as the largest living lizard, it is not the longest. This reputation is held by the Papuan monitor lizard. The Komodo dragon has a tail the same length as its body, and about 60 sharp, serrated teeth about 2.5 cm long, which are often represented. Komodo dragon's saliva is often mixed with a little blood because its teeth are almost completely covered with gingival tissue and this tissue is torn during eating. These conditions create an ideal growth environment for the deadly bacteria that live in their mouths.

Komodo Dragon Program

A very impressive adventure where you will see these endangered animals on the Bali Safari by taking the Dragon package program, where you will be invited to see these animals up close and see how their habitat is in the wild, here the house is adjusted like a house in nature wild, so that Komodo dragons can live comfortably. In addition, you will also go around the zoo by seeing the animals that are here using a safe shuttle car, see the life of animals and animals in each habitat adapted to their natural habitat, see elephant, tiger and animal shows here, and enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant, after lunch proceed to watch the Bali Agung Show which is here, gracefully the dancers bring the storyline of this dance to make the atmosphere more enjoyable, after that go to your hotel by bringing an extraordinary experience inside These Dragon Packages

Enjoy Komodo Dragon Packages at Bali Safari and Marine Park with us

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Dragon Packages Itinerary : 

  • 08.30 - Pick up at your hotel
  • 10.00 - Enjoy Dragon Packages at Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • 17.00 - Back to your hotel
  • 18.30 - Arrive at your hotel

Dragon Packages Price :

  • Adult : IDR 1,100,000 /person
  • Children ( 3-12 ) : IDR 880,000/person
  • Toddler ( 0-2 ) : Free

Note :

  • Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
  • Additional return hotel transfer from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Tanjung Benoa Area ( minimum 2 person/trip ) : IDR 475,000,000/car

Dragon Packages Price Include :

  • 1 x Safari Journey
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animals Presentation
  • Harimau Presentation
  • Elephant Presentation
  • Water Play Zone
  • Lunch
  • Bali Agung Show
  • Tax included


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