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Bali Tamblingan Lake is a lake located in the plateau area with green hill surrounded. It is situated adjunction to Buyan Lake with cool weather surrounds it. It owns the fascination where the nature authenticity is felt and the inexistence of boat use motorize here. These beautiful lakes can be seen from the top hill right from Asah Gobleg Countryside, Sukasada District and Singaraja regency, north part of Bali. This lake is encircled by hill and covered by fresh cold atmosphere will fascinate all visitors who pay a visit to this place. This lake is ideal for Jungle Trekking Adventure because it was very amazing with the rain forest including flora and fauna observation. Beside of that, many local visitors are doing camping program or outdoor team building while enjoy the beautiful nature. Here we also can see the local residents use the small traditional boat which is called Perahu to cross it or doing fishing.

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Tamblingan Lake Location

In order to reach Buyan or Tamblingan Lake , it can pass through Munduk countryside, Gobleg countryside and penetrate in Lovina area. Along the way to this lake, we will enjoy the magnificent view of Tamblingan Lake in particular from the top side. From Munduk countryside, this lake can be reached through the road which is made by local society. If you drive from Kuta you can go through the Bedugul route to find this location, and will also pass Candi Kuning Market, Bedugul Botanical Garden, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Handara Gate and at the intersection you turn left towards the Twin Lakes route. takes about 2 hours of travel time, quite long, but you can visit other tourist destinations along the way, if you want to come here you can use our Hire Car and Driver services at low prices and of course very satisfying service, accompanied by a friendly driver will make this trip even more fun

Tamblingan Lake History

History of Lake Tamblingan Based on the narrative of local people here, told that the history of Lake Tamblingan began in the era of 10 AD to 14 AD associated with Lake Tamblingan, where at that time around Lake Tamblingan is a large settlement whose center is located on Mount Lesung south of the lake. For some reason, the residents moved away from Lake Tamblingan and the place was divided into 4 different areas not far from Lake Tamblingan, where the 4 areas became villages named: Munduk Village, Goblek Village, gesing Village and Umajero Village. These four villages have spiritual ties and have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the sanctity of the lake and the surrounding temples. According to historical evidence, thousands of years ago, in this area there was once a very organized community life. Both in terms of governance, economic and socio-cultural systems. This can be known from the discovery of inscriptions some time ago.

Meaning Name Tamblingan

The name Tamblingan does not just choose a name, but there is a meaning behind the name tamblingan which is said by local residents, who say that Tamblingan lake is a sacred lake that is sacred. The name Tamblingan comes from two words in Balinese, namely Tamba which means medicine, and Elingang which means memory or spiritual ability. It is narrated in Lontar Kutara Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul that people in the area are said to have been hit by an epidemic outbreak. As a way out, someone who is purified then goes down to the small lake below the village to get water for medicine. Thanks to his prayers and spiritual abilities, the water was then used as medicine and was able to heal the villagers. Tamba and Elingang said that over time they became Tamblingan. So that until now the name of this lake is known as Lake Tamblingan which gives a charm of beauty for tourists who see it, here is also often used as a camping place by foreign and domestic tourists.

Ulun Danu Tamblingan Temple | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Ulun Danu Tamblingan Temple

Kayaking at Tamblingan Lake | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Kayaking at Tamblingan Lake

Camping at Tamblingan lake | Buleleng Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Camping at Tamblingan lake

Temple at Tamblingan Lake

In addition to the beauty of Lake Tamblingan, there is also the Lake Tamblingan Temple which is very beautiful, located on the edge of the lake with a very cool and foggy atmosphere, making the resulting photo images very beautiful, it's not surprising that many tourists come here to take pictures of the very beautiful and holy temple. this. This temple is called the Ulun Danu Tamblingan Temple which is the center of the temple on this Tamblingan lake, and around it there are also temples located in the area around Tamblingan Lake where the names of the temples are: Dalem Tamblingan Temple, Endek Temple, Ulun Danu Temple and Sang Hyang Kangin, Sang Hyang Kawuh Temple, Gubug Temple, Tirta Mengening Temple, Naga Loka Temple, Steaming Carving Temple, Embang Temple, Tukang Weighing Temple, Batulepang Temple. So Tamblingan lake is classified as a row of the oldest temples in Bali, because based on historical findings it is estimated as a relic of the pre-Hindu community who before the 10th century lived in this area.

Things You Can Do at Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan lake as a tourist destination that may not be so famous for tourists, but it is very worth your visit, for those who like photos, the photos are very good here, in addition to the natural scenery around which is very beautiful, the photos produced on the lake are very beautiful, An experience that is very impressive and certainly will not be forgotten once to visit one of the lakes that are so beautiful and very instgramable. As for besides seeing the beauty of this very beautiful lake, you can also do some very interesting things

  1. Visit Lake Tamblingan: Visiting the lake and seeing the beauty of the lake with clear blue water, a very beautiful sight, coupled with the fog in the lake will make the atmosphere very beautiful and so comfortable accompanied by cool air
  2. Visit Ulun Danu Tamblingan Temple: Visiting one of the oldest temples located on this Tamblingan lake, this temple is located right on the edge of the lake, if the lake water rises, it looks like it floats, this temple is functioned as one of the sacred temples for Hindus
  3. Kayaking at Tamblingan Lake: In addition, there are also very unique activities, where you can rent a kayak here and go around Tamblingan Lake and see the beauty of Tamblingan Lake which is very beautiful, so it will always be memorable in your heart while in Bali
  4. Camping at Tamblingan Lake : If you like camping activities, then Tamblingan lake is perfect for those of you who like adventure in nature, many tourists do camping and stay overnight near the lake by bringing a tent and enjoying the beauty of nature
  5. Taking Pictures at Tamblingan Lake: One of the activities that many people like is taking pictures here with very beautiful views of the lake and forest and of course very instagramable, if you like photos then Tamblingan lake is perfect for you

Tamblingan Lake Geography

Lake Tamblingan is geographically located at 8°14'9″ – 8°7'9″ South Latitude and 115°5'18” – 115°11'20” East Longitude, Tamblingan lake is 1.9 Km with a maximum depth of 90 m and a volume of 0.027 km3. While administratively the tamblingan lake area and forest is included in two regencies, namely Tabanan Regency and Buleleng Regency, Bali Province. It is located in the highlands so the atmosphere is a bit chilly and cool at night. Tamblingan lake is included in nature conservation by Buleleng district, while the forest area around Tamblingan lake is included in the Mount Batukaru forest group and is arranged as a forest tour with an area of ​​8 hectares. The Tamblingan lake area is used as a very beautiful natural tourist area. The Buyan Lake-Tamblingan Lake Natural Tourism Park area has a topography that varies from flat (0-8%), rather steep (25-45%), very steep (≥45%) with altitude above sea level 1,210-1350 meters.

Tamblingan Lake Facilities

As one of the most famous lake tours in the northern area of ​​​​the island of Bali, Tamblingan lake has very complete facilities, so that it makes tourists feel very comfortable to linger in this place. The public facilities available in this area are the parking area, boat rental for fishing or simply visited and lodging. A very complete support facility that will make tourists visiting Tamblingan lake happy and no longer worry about the facilities for them to get when visiting this very beautiful lake. The hotels are spreading around the village which are the most own the magnificent view to the lake. Despitefully in some places alongside of the lake there are places for seating for simply drinking coffee, eat the cake or look into the beautiful view of lake. Every day these lakes are many visited by the tourist from local and foreign countries.

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