Bali Seaweed Farm

Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan Is Marine Algae Farm at Sea Shallow Waters in Nusa Lembongan Islands

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Bali Seaweed Farm is an agriculture that grows marine algae in the waters of Nusa Lembongan and is cultivated by local residents as their livelihood, a very extensive marine algae farm where marine algae are planted almost all over the coast here. It's a very beautiful sight to see the activities of the seaweed farmers here who go to the sea every day to monitor the land for this marine algae, and this farm is very vulnerable to failure, where if the weather is bad and the sea water is high then the sea algae are planted here. can be washed away if sea water, so this seaweed farming is very high risk. Here we can see the daily life of the farmers who are busy cultivating their marine algae land and monitoring by using a small boat to the middle of the sea

If you visit Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan, here's what you need to know

Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan Location

The location of this seaweed farm is located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, sub-district of Nusa Penida, Klungkung district. located on a famous small island, which to get to the island requires sea transportation such as fast boat. If you are from Bali then you need to go to Sanur Harbor to take a fast boat to Nusa Lembongan Island, as for the distance from Kuta or the city center to Sanur Harbor about 30 minutes and from a fast boat ride about 40 minutes, not at Nusa Lembongan Harbor you will need land transportation to reach this farm location, where you can rent a car or motorbike at the port, and from the port to the location of this seaweed farm about 20 minutes, arriving at the location you will see a stretch of sea full of seaweed and see the activities of the farmers here in caring for this very famous seaweed farm. It is a very wonderful experience to know more clearly about marine algae farming in Bali which we can only find on the island of Nusa Lembongan, with a very beautiful view you can also increase knowledge about this marine algae cultivation

Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan History

As for the history of seaweed farming in Nusa Lembongan, it started with a businesman from the city of Surabaya who came to Nusa Lembongan in 1984 and introduced seaweed farming and its location is in Jungut Batu village, and since then many local residents have become seaweed farmers and finally booming around the year 2010 and Nusa Lembongan are known as producers of the highest quality seaweed and since then many local residents have been interested in the marine algae farming business. And in 2016 many seaweed farms failed because of bad weather and also coincided with tourism in Nusa Lembongan which began to boom, so that many seaweed farmers switched professions to tourism because it was considered more profitable than marine algae farming, there are still some who still survive in this field of agriculture. And because tourists visiting Nusa Lembongan are very interested in the cultivation of marine algae, the cultivation of marine algae that still exists is used as one of the tourist destinations in Nusa Lembongan, and this agriculture is assisted by the government so that farmers can maintain the characteristics of the famous Nusa Lembongan with the seaweed farm cultivation

Eucheuma Cottonii In Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan

The grass grown at the Lembongan seaweed farm is Eucheuma cottonii, which is a type of seaweed that produces carrageenan, which has a very important role as a stabilizer (balance regulator), thickener (thickening agent), gelling agent, emulsifier, and protective colloid. , agglomerates and prevents crystallization. And the results are used in the food industry, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, paints, toothpaste and other industries. Based on the morphological characteristics of the seaweed found, judging from the shape and color of this seaweed, it is included in the type of Red Algae (Rhodophyta). The production of this type of seaweed Eucheuma cottonii is very easy to cultivate and the harvesting process is relatively simple and fairly short. However, the use of this type of seaweed in Indonesia is still not optimal so that the resulting value is relatively low. The existence of seaweed in Nusa Lembongan is getting better and better. Cultivators are not only from adults, but also from teenagers. And because many tourists are interested in seeing this seweed farm, it is made one of the tourist destinations for marine agriculture on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Seaweed Farm Lembongan | Marine Algae Nusa Lembongan | Bali Golden Tour
Seaweed Farm Lembongan | Marine Algae Nusa Lembongan | Bali Golden Tour
Seaweed Farm Lembongan | Marine Algae Nusa Lembongan | Bali Golden Tour

Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan Planting Process

The process of planting seaweed at the Lembongan seaweed farm uses a basic planting technique system where the seeds are planted directly on the land. The seeds from this seaweed do not come from Nusa Lembongan but are bought from outside the city and are cultivated here, armed with ready-made seeds, they plant them on the land that has been provided, namely in a very wide shallow sea, they plant it in plots, which where each 20 acre plot is owned by each family head. The process is not that complicated, only by planting ready-made seeds purchased from outside the city into plots of land, and every day it will be checked if there are sea algae that are affected by the disease and also clean of marine pests such as sea cucumbers, sea urchins, baronang fish and others that are harmful to the algae environment that can damage the seaweed seeds. Yield will be determined here, so farmers are advised not to turn their attention away from the seeds that have been planted in order to avoid failure. And in the age between 30 - 45 days, this seaweed is ready to be harvested, and the estimated harvest in one plot of land is estimated to produce around 60 kg which will then be sold to collectors, who will be sold to factories to be processed into one of the ingredients for the cosmetic industry, medicine capsules , snacks and other products. But after harvesting, the process does not end here, but there is a seaweed drying process which is done manually by drying the sea algae so that it is dry and finally ready to be sold to the collectors, and some of the newly harvested ones have been sold and the drying process is carried out by the collectors, but the price given is lower, so the farmers prefer to dry themselves, because the price given is quite enough

What You Can See at Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan

As for the only marine algae farming tourism destination in Bali which is very famous for the quality of marine algae produced, this place is often visited by tourists visiting the island of Nusa Lembongan, here they can see firsthand the form of seaweed farming here and they can increase knowledge about marine algae cultivation that you may rarely know. A visit that may be meaningful for you where you can see the daily activities of the seaweed farmers here and see the expanse of seaweed plots located in shallow waters in the village of Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also add to your deeper knowledge about this phenomenal seaweed cultivation. Some of the things you can see and do here are

  1. Seaweed Farm Views: the view of marine algae farming land in shallow waters is very wide, here you can see many green patches in these shallow waters, that is the land of the local residents here, each plot is owned by a different person, and also you can see many canoes here which is used by local residents as a means of transportation to monitor seaweed and also as a tool to transport seaweed from the beach to the middle of the waters and vice versa
  2. Planting Seaweed: The sight of seeing the activities of farmers who will plant seaweed on plots of agricultural land in these shallow waters, seeing seaweed farmers carrying seaweed seeds and boarding a canoe to their land and starting to plant seeds evenly on their land, a very beautiful sight to see, see the activities of the farmers who work on agricultural land to cultivate this seaweed, It's an incredibly memorable experience to see the activities of the farmers here in planting seaweed seeds
  3. Harvesting Seaweed: During the harvest season, you can see seaweed harvesting activities here, the farmers will use canoes from the beach to their land and while harvesting the sea algae and putting it in the canoe and returning to the beach to put their harvests, an experience that may never be forgotten by when you visit this lembongan seaweed farm, you see the activities of farmers in harvesting their seaweed farm products, a memorable experience during this visit on the island of nusa lembongan
  4. Social Activities Farmers: In addition to seeing planting and harvesting, here you can also see the daily activities of local residents who work as farmers from this seaweed. others and also to check whether there are wild pests that eat away at their seaweed such as pig thorns, small fish, sea horses and others who really like to eat this sea algae which will cause losses to the farmers. An unforgettable experience seeing the daily activities of these seaweed farmers in Nusa Lembongan
  5. Photography: Here is also very suitable as a place for photography, with views of the expanse of seaweed land plots and boats scattered in these waters, making the photography scene very natural, so it will make the photos very perfect, you can take pictures with this seaweed farm background, and the resulting photos are very instagramable. An unforgettable experience in visiting the best seaweed farm on the island of Nusa Lembongan which is very beautiful and full of natural scenery that is really enchanting

How Get to Bali Seaweed Farm Lembongan

As for if you want to visit this Lembongan seaweed farm, you have to start from the port of Sanur, because from here you will take a fast boat with a duration of about 45 minutes to reach Nusa Lembongan Island, arriving at Nusa Lembongan Island you can rent a vehicle such as a car or motorbike and from the port to the seaweed farm it takes about 15-20 minutes, not so far because the island of Nusa Lembongan is not so big so traveling to one place doesn't take long. And if you don't want to bother driving here yourself, we Bali Tour have prepared a tour package, namely the Bali Nusa Lembongan Islands Tour which will visit Seaweed Farm Lembongan and also tourist destinations that more interesting such as the Mangrove Forest Lembongan, Yellow Bridge, Dream Beach and Devil's Tears. The package includes a return transfer to your hotel staying in Bali, a return transfer fast boat ticket to the island of Nusa Lembongan and also transportation to get around the island of Nusa Lembongan and also don't forget to have lunch which has become part of the package to explore the beauty of the island of Nusa Lembongan. A very memorable sensation in taking the time to see the cultivation of seaweed that is here and see the social activities of the farmers here who are checking the seaweed farming land or are harvesting. A very different experience in spending time during holidays on the island of Bali

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