Bali Pupuan Rice Terrace

Bali Pupuan Rice Terrace Is Beautiful Wide Expanse Rice Paddy in Belimbing Village at Pupuan District

Pupuan Rice Terrace | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Bali Pupuan Rice Terrace is beautiful rice terrace located in the western part of Bali, a place to fill your eyes with awesome memories of great landscape accompanied by no one other than the friendly local farmers. Pupuan Rice Terrace is best enjoyed early in the morning or late in the afternoon on a clear day. When rainy, fog usually follows the rain and obscures the whole district. With the arrival of the planting season, the local cultivators start plowing their fields adding traditional culture to the scenery. Pupuan district has always been a tourist attraction when talking about a very wide expanse of scenery with a terrace that is often so beautiful it will really spoil the eyes for those who see it. If you are bored with the sights of other tourist attractions, then you can alternatively visit this Pupuan rice terrace, with the cool air of the rice fields will make you feel at home for long in this place

If you visit Pupuan Rice Terrace, here all you need to know

Location Pupuan Rice Terrace

The location of the Pupuan Rice Terrace is in Belimbing Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency, with very cool air and the surrounding area is still a lot of trees, making this place very beautiful and natural, around this area there are many local community plantations which you can see a lot such as clove plantations, coffee and others, where the residents here mostly work on plantations, with very cool land, so it is very suitable for planting cloves, coffee, and others.In addition to plantations, there are also agriculture, such as very large rice fields with frequent terraces that are so beautiful to the eye when the rice is green. The rice fields in Pupuan village are no less beautiful as in Jatiluwih village, here on the left and right of the road you can see a vast expanse of very beautiful rice fields, many tourists come here to just enjoy the green rice in a large area, and is suitable for use as a background very charming photo

Meaning of the word Pupuan

The meaning of the word Pupuan comes from the Balinese language which is taken from the word "pupu" which means "thigh", this is because the location of this pupuan is located below or thigh of Mount Batukaru which is very stunningly beautiful, besides that it is also mentioned that the name Pupuan comes from from the word "plupuhan" which means "flood" and this is also justified because the position of the pupuan is at the bottom and is surrounded by highlands and the pupuan is in the middle and the bottom position, so it looks like a puddle. Pupuan sub-district has an area of ​​1877 hectares for rice fields, with a very large area, even wider than other rice fields in Bali. The contours of the land are proven to be the main attraction for foreign tourists. In addition, Pupuan District is also famous as a Robusta coffee-producing area in Bali. Because the land is very fertile for agriculture, here you can see a lot of agricultural land and plantations managed by the local community, the vast expanse of green scenery makes this place one of the tourist destinations in the field of rice fields

Belimbing Rice Terrace at Pupuan District

Maybe many people think why it is called the Pupuan Rice Terrace, instead of the Belimbing Rice Terrace, we still don't really understand this, because from the beginning it was introduced as a tourist destination for rice fields, this place is often called the Pupuan Rice Terrace, but is located in Belimbing Village which is a one of the villages of Pupuan District, and Pupuan is one of the sub-districts of Tabanan Regency. Because it has been known as Pupuan Rice Terrace until now, so if someone asks Pupuan Rice Terrace or Belimbing Rice Terrace, it is the same thing, the only difference is the name. Because from the beginning this place has been known as Pupuan rice terrace. Whatever the name, this place always makes us very stunned by the natural beauty of the vast expanse of rice, so it will make you very fascinated at all, this place is often used as a place for photography at sunrise, because the photos produced are so enchanting and often visited by tourists who happen to visit the western area of ​​​​the island of Bali

Pupuan Rice Terrace | Belimbing Rice Terrace | Tabanan Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Pupuan Rice Terrace | Belimbing Rice Terrace | Tabanan Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour
Pupuan Rice Terrace | Belimbing Rice Terrace Tabanan Places of Interest | Bali Golden Tour

Pupuan District Geography

Pupuan is a sub-district of 10 sub-districts in Tabanan Regency, located approximately 45 km to the west of Tabanan City, while the Pupuan sub-district area is 172.02 km2 or about 21.33% of the total area of ​​Tabanan Regency with a height of up to 1.879m above the surface. sea. And the Pupuan area is a very potential area in agriculture and plantations, this is because the land is very fertile and the rainfall in the Pupuan area is high enough so that it can provide sufficient water supply for plants and plants here, as for the area that is very fertile. very wide, so it is used by the local community as agricultural land which we can now see here, the beautiful expanse of rice fields stretching on the left and right of the road, so that it makes you very fascinated by the natural beauty of this pupuan area. And because this place is used as one of the natural tourist destinations of rice fields in Tabanan Regency, the rice fields here are no less beautiful than the rice fields in Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. So if you are a nature lover and like the view of rice fields, then this Pupuan rice terrace is worth a visit

What You Can See at Pupuan Rice Terrace

In Pupuan Rice Terrace if you are lucky you can see farmers working in the rice fields, where here they still use the traditional system to work their fields, such as using cows to fertilize the land to be planted with rice, but there are some farmers who have started using machines to fertilize soil. The cultivators have retained their old way of cultivating their land with the help of buffalo. As rice paddy grows profusely in the area, a deep green covers the landscape, resembling a vast emerald rug laid on the slopes of the hills. The cultivators of these crops share an intimate relationship with nature. At harvest time, the cultivators cut the paddy with traditional equipment called anggapan. Standing in rows, they sing while they glean their harvest. In addition to seeing the scenery of the rice fields and farmers' activities, here you can also see the scenery of the rice fields background which is so enchanting, with swaying coconut trees and green hills that make this scene very instagramable, very suitable to be used as a photo background and the result is very beautiful

Subak Irrigation at Pupuan Rice Terrace

The irrigation system in Pupuan district is like rice fields in other places that use the Subak system to irrigate water leading to the rice fields, which can improve the welfare of farmers based on mutual justice so that farmers will still get water despite the water crisis. Subak is an organization owned by farming communities in Bali which specifically regulates the management or system of irrigation of rice fields traditionally, the existence of Subak is a manifestation of the philosophy/concept of Tri Hita Karana. The irrigation subak in Pupuan district is very important, where Pupuan district has more rice fields so the irrigation system is very important to keep the rice plants growing fresh and fit in the hope of producing a healthy morning so that they can be sold to rice collectors for survival. In addition, the view of this rice field is used as one of the leading tourist destinations for tourists visiting the West Bali area

Pupuan Rice Terrace Tourism Site in West Bali

You can put Pupuan Rice Terrace in a tourist attraction that you will visit if you travel to the west area of ​​​​the island of Bali, you can take pictures with a vast and green expanse of rice fields of belimbing village. A very different sensation where you take pictures on a stretch of rice which is the staple food in Bali, namely rice. Seeing the farmers working on the rice fields, and enjoying the cool breeze in the rice fields will make it even more enjoyable. If you plan to go to Pupuan rice terrace, we from Bali Tour are always ready to take you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this rice terrace and also visit tourism sites in the west Bali area. With transportation prices that are so cheap and without losing the good service and also accompanied by a very experienced and friendly driver, the trip to Pupuan Rice Terrace will be very enjoyable.

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