Paluang Cliff is a tourism site that is no less beautiful than other tourist objects on the island of Nusa Penida, where from Paluang Cliff you can see the beauty of the Kelingking Beach from different view point, where the view is quite amazing, so that many tourists visit the Kelingking. also took the time just to take pictures here. From the cliffs we can see the beautiful view of the ocean, with the wind blowing from the ocean making the atmosphere cooler. This Paluang Cliff tourist attraction is a hidden spot to be able to see the beauty of the rocky hills in Kelingking Beach from a different point of view, from an east to west point of view. A very different experience and sensation in visiting Kelingking beach which is very famous for its rock views that we usually see from the front, here on Paluang cliff you can see the view of the kelingking rock from behind and the view from Paluang cliff is no less beautiful than the scenery on the beach. front, with a stretch of blue sea will complete the atmosphere of visiting Paluang cliff

If you visit Paluang Cliff, here's what you need to know

Paluang Cliff Location

Paluang cliff is located in Karang Dawa village, Nusa Penida, and is located 100 meters from Kelingking beach which is famous for its rock that resembles a kelingking or often called T-rex rock. The charm of views of the sea and rocks is now increasingly in demand because it provides stunning views and the photos produced with this background are very enchanting and can be said to be very instagrammable, so many tourists come here just to take pictures with the kelingking beach background. from behind. Although Paluang Cliff is located at the end of a hill which is exactly on a rock cliff, the safety standards have been met where the managers come here every time to check the condition of the selfie photo area and make sure everything is safe and under control and also given a guardrail to limit tourists from take too many pictures from the space provided. The location is very perfect to see the beauty of the rock that is shaped like a dinosaur from a different point of view, an experience that you may never forget while spending time visiting the phenomenally beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

Paluang Cliff Uniqueness

Paluang Cliff has always been an alternative tourist destination for those of you who want to feel a different sensation when you see this phenomenal, famous and beautiful view of the rock, if you travel as usual you will visit kelingking beach from the front, and here you can see the view of kelingking beach from behind. you can see the kelingking rock which is very beautiful. It is called Paluang Cliff, because near this place there is temple with name Paluang Temple and location about 50 meters from Paluang cliff, the temple which is sacred by local residents, so this why this places called with name Paluang Cliff. As for some of the uniqueness of this Paluang cliff which makes this tourist destination very often visited by tourists who visit Kelingking Beach, they will take a moment to visit Paluang Cliff which is so beautiful and enchanting.

  1. Kelingking Different View Point: From the Paluang cliff you can see clearly from behind the view from Kelingking Beach which you might usually see from the front, but from here and you can see the shape of this rock from behind, and of course the view produced from behind not far from beautiful and certainly very instagramable, so if you visit kelingking beach you should take a moment to see the beauty of kelingking beach from this cliff
  2. Beautiful Ocean View: In addition to the kelingking coral view, here you can see the expanse of the Indian Ocean which is very stunningly beautiful, with blue colors adorning almost the entire surface of the sea adding to the beauty that is emitted, an experience that you may not be able to get anywhere else , with very cool air, it makes the atmosphere very comfortable and makes the heart feel at ease seeing the sea view that is so beautiful and very beautiful

Paluang Temple Near Paluang Cliff

In addition to the Paluang cliff which offers the charm of beautiful views of the kelingking of the rock from different directions, here there is also a very unique temple, where the temple is called Paluang Temple. The uniqueness of this Paluang temple is in the place of worship, where most temples on the island of Bali are shaped as usual using a meru building, different from that in this Paluang temple, where the temple used as a place of worship is in the form of a car, and this Paluang temple is also often referred to as car temple. As for the car temple in Paluang temple, there are 2 car buildings built using concrete that are shaped like a car, where 1 car is similar to the shape of a VW Beattle and 1 car with a shape similar to the Suzuki Jimny, this place is very purified by the local community, and it is believed that the god who resides in this car provides protection for the surrounding residents who are here. A very unusual uniqueness, if you have more time, you can visit this Paluang temple and see for yourself the uniqueness that is in this Paluang temple.

Paluang Cliff Photo Spot

In Paluang Cliff there is a place to be used as a photo spot, Here there are good photo spots for you to take pictures with a view behind rock cliff Kelingking beach, but if you want to take better pictures, there are paid spots, where there is a boat made of wood built on a cliff with the background of Kelingking beach, a very beautiful sight to see, and very suitable as an Instagram photo. But this photo spot is not free and there is a fee that must be paid if you want to take pictures in this place. See the curve of the T-rex rock from behind and enjoy the charm it displays, the blue expanse of the sea as if to complement this incomparable natural charm. You will not regret if you come here and enjoy the beautiful scenery around which is so enchanting. During nusa penida tour, you can see the beauty of the coral rock called Kelingking from a different perspective, where if you go to Kelingking beach you will see the charm of the beautiful kelingking rock from the front, while if you go to Paluang cliff you will see the beauty of the rock kelingking from the side, two things that will really complete your visit on the island of Nusa Penida

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How Get To Paluang Cliff

To go to the island of Nusa Penida you will need sea transportation services such as a fast boat and arriving on the island of Nusa Penida you will need land transportation such as a car or motorbike, for fast boat tickets you can get it at the port of Sanur and for vehicles you can rent it at the port nusa penida, and armed with a google map you will be able to get to this very amazing place. Paluang Cliff is in the western area of ​​Nusa Penida, if you visit the western area of ​​Nusa Penida, it would be nice if you stopped here for a while just to take pictures with the kelingking beach background from a different direction, because the location is close to Kelingking beach, you can go to Paluang cliff after visiting Kelingking beach. Your guide will always help you to take photos with the background of this very beautiful Kelingking Beach. Bali Tour we provide a Bali West and East Nusa Penida Tour Package that you can choose according to the needs you want, as for our Nusa Penida package, we have selected a tourism site based on its level of popularity, so you don't need to hesitate to choose it, because it is based on the best tourist attractions which are summarized in one day tour. During your vacation on the island of Bali and enjoy the natural beauty found on the island of Nusa Penida

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