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Nungnung Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest of a waterfall tourist attraction located in Pelaga Village, Petang, Badung, Bali. The waterfall attraction is located in a highland area with clear water and trees that grow lush and green making the scenery very beautiful and impressive. This tourist attraction is very popular among foreign and domestic tourists, due to the beautiful scenery with clear water and also because the location is not too far away. Nungnung waterfall used to be very rarely visited because access to the cupuk location is quite difficult, after the construction of access to the location and several support poles increased the level of security, the waterfall nungnung tourist attraction became popular and frequently visited by tourists.

Bali Nungnung Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

During holidays, many domestic tourists come to this location, to enjoy a very impressive view or just to relieve stress by enjoying the cool, peaceful and beautiful atmosphere around the waterfall. Many tourists also take the time to swim in this waterfall with a waterfall with very clear water and the scenery around the waterfall is very beautiful, where there are many tropical plants that grow around the cliff as if coloring the cliff with green nuances, which will make you admire more and more natural works that are so beautiful. The sound of gurgling water seems to break the atmosphere with the music of the water falling on the pool which will make you even more excited to enjoy the chill of the nungnung waterfall.

Previously before 1996 this place was only a natural dish where there were inaccessible shrubs and the surrounding scenery that could not be enjoyed up close. Along with the development of tourism on the island of Bali, making this place is used as a tourist attraction, the construction of access roads to the location, so that many tourists flock here to enjoy the magnificence of this very beautiful natural work. For those of you who are bored with the bustling city atmosphere with pollution and congestion, then visiting the nungnung waterfall tourist attraction can be a solution to break the deadlock in your head by enjoying the beautiful water that falls from a height with views of green plants around cliffs and clear water, the very fresh air will make your body and mind refreshed.

Like other waterfall attractions, where getting to the location will require a very heavy struggle through a winding path about 400 meters and finally meeting the steps and descending the stairs which number approximately 100 steps. It takes very good stamina to get to the location of the nungnung waterfall, maybe to get to the location is not so difficult because you are going down the stairs, it's different to go back up the stairs, for those of you who are lovers of waterfall tourism, maybe this is not become an obstacle for you. Access to the location will be a little difficult during the rainy season because the road will be slippery, it is not recommended for pregnant women, guests who have asthma and heart disease and it is also not recommended for young children to come here.

With a tiring journey to the location it will be worth the result, where you will see a stinging natural view. Cliffs that are grown with green tropical plants with clear falling water will complement your natural tourism. The Nung Nung waterfall with a height of about 50 meters, is quite high among other waterfalls. With this height, it will add to the beauty of this waterfall tour. By being at an altitude of 900 below sea level, making the air fresh enough will make your blood circulation smooth. If you are a waterfall lover, we recommend visiting the Nungnung waterfall tourist attraction. We from Bali Tour will always be ready to take you to enjoy the sensation of the nung nung waterfall tourist destination in Bali islands.

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