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Bali Fiji Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which contains information about Triple waterfalls located in Lemukih village, Sawan, Buleleng. This waterfall is very unique, where there are three waterfalls in one place with views of high cliffs overgrown with trees as if they add to the exotic value of this waterfall. Buleleng Regency does produce many waterfalls that are very beautiful, because the location is on a plateau, with cold weather and cool air and there are also water sources in this place, where most of the water sources flow into the waterfalls found here. If you want something different, you can visit this tourist attraction, where you can see a toga waterfall in one place, a very magnificent work of nature and enjoying the surrounding scenery will relieve fatigue in your head.

If you visit Fiji Waterfall, here all you need to know

Fiji Waterfall Location

The location of the Fiji Waterfall is located in Lemukih Village, Sawan Buleleng north Bali, while the location is a bit far from the city center of Denpasar and Kuta, which takes about 2 hours drive by car via road from Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, a long journey but very worth it with the results where you see the expanse of the waterfall view that is so beautiful. If you want to travel alone you can use a motorbike or car to get here, armed with a google map as a guide to get here. If you don't want to bother driving alone, we Bali Tour provides transportation to get here at a cheap price and of course a very satisfying service and accompanied by a friendly driver will make the trip to this fiji waterfall even more enjoyable. For those of you who are waterfall lovers, you shouldn't miss this fiji waterfall tour because it provides sensations and natural charm that is incredibly beautiful.

The Uniqueness of Fiji Waterfall

The uniqueness of this fiji waterfall is that it is located in the waterfall where there are three streams of water that fall down, you could call it the Triple Waterfall, a very unique sight where you see three waterfalls in one place, while the water flows quite fast so that it makes the scenery beautiful. be very beautiful. An experience that will never be forgotten during your vacation in Bali, by seeing the triple waterfall will complete your adventurous soul on this beloved island of Bali. The height of this fiji waterfall is about 40 meters, all three of which are the same height as that much height will make the fall of the water sound loud and very melodious to hear, a very rare sensation you can get in urban areas, if you want something different to spend your vacation in the island of Bali, it would be nice to visit this Fiji Waterfall.

Spring Water at Fiji Waterfall

Near the ticket window for Bali Fiji Waterfall, there is a very clear spring. Based on information from the fiji waterfall officer, that where this spring flows up to the Sekumpul Waterfall, because the Fiji waterfall and the Sekumpul waterfall are still in one area. In this area there are many waterfalls, sometimes the flow of water comes from one water source. The spring near the entrance booth, often used by local people for bathing, with very clear and fresh water will make the body come back fresh and healthy. It is the same with other waterfall attractions, where to reach the location through a winding path and down the stairs, as well as this Fiji Waterfall, to reach the waterfall location, you will follow the existing path, a winding road - turn and descend the stairs in this place.

Path to Fiji Waterfall

The path leading to the Fiji Waterfall passes through the community plantations here, where the residents here plant a lot of coffee and cloves, so on the left and right of the path you can see lots of coffee and clove trees. With shady trees on the left and right will make the trip less tiring, with fresh air that is still natural and pollution-free, it will make you a little fresh by breathing the fresh air in the highlands. There are permanent steps made of concrete with iron fences on the right and left side which are used as handrails in descending the steps leading to the waterfall. The steps that you will take to get to the Fiji waterfall are a little steep, where the slope reaches 75 degrees, so you have to be extra careful in descending these steps, it is not recommended for tourists who have asthma, small children and pregnant woman, because it would be very dangerous in this field. But for those of you who have an adventurous spirit, things like this will not hold you back, maybe this will add to the sensation of your adventurous soul. So what are you waiting for, visit the fiji waterfall and feel the sensation of seeing the Triple Waterfall in one place, enjoy taking pictures with this waterfall background which creates very instagramable photos

Bali Fiji Waterfall | Bali Interest Place | Bali Golden Tour

Beautiful Triple Waterfall View

The tiring journey to the Fiji Waterfall will pay off. After a tiring journey, finally you will arrive at the location, from a distance you can already see the splendor of this fiji waterfall tour, where you will see a cliff with three streams of water falling down, this is what the community calls the triplet waterfall, with tree growing on the cliffs of the waterfall, as if to add to the beauty of this fiji waterfall tour. Enjoying the view of three waterfalls side by side is an experience that you may not get anywhere else, a very amazing sensation, enjoying three waterfalls at once in one place. If you are visiting the northern area of ​​Bali, we recommend this place as a complement to your holiday destination on the island of Bali. We from Bali Tour are willing to take you to this place, to fulfill your curiosity about the Fiji waterfall or better known as the Triple Waterfall.

Trekking Path to Fiji Waterfall

The tourist destination of fiji waterfall is perfect for those of you who really like trekking, by going through the path to the location is a great trekking place, while trekking to see the surrounding scenery and breathe the fresh mountain air. As for the height of the three waterfalls, it is estimated that they are about 40 meters high each, the cliffs that are overgrown with tropical trees add to the artistic value of the fiji waterfall and are perfect for those of you who want to calm down. The sound of water falling from the three cliffs at the same time makes the atmosphere very comfortable and calming. Don't forget to capture the moment through photos, so that as a reminder that you have ever set foot on a tour of the Fiji Waterfall or the Triple waterfall.

Facilities at Fiji Waterfall

As one of the very unique waterfall tourist destinations, the Fiji waterfall has various facilities that support and will make tourists feel at home and comfortable when visiting this waterfall. There are several facilities such as a very large parking lot, so tourists who drive themselves do not need to be confused in finding a parking space, there are small stalls selling cold food and drinks that you can buy here and of course the prices are cheap and not expensive, and there are also you can use clean toilet facilities here and there is also a place to change clothes here, so you don't need to worry anymore when looking for a place to change clothes, there is a gazebo as a resting place that you can use to rest while seeing the natural beauty around the waterfall. This is very beautiful, the supporting facilities are very qualified to make you comfortable when visiting the triple waterfall which is phenomenally beautiful. So you don't need to hesitate anymore when visiting here, enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere here

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